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  • 21 Mayıs 2014, Çarşamba 10:23

Young Voices High School Books

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Samih Ayverdi Anatolian High School , which was organized by the Turkish thinker and mystic writer Samiha was dedicated to the memory of Ayverdi held'Arrives Books You Must \"reading contest was held for the 6th time this year .

Samih Ayverdi Anatolian High School is organized by , and the Turkish thinker and mystic writer Samiha Ayverdi memory of dedication was held'Books You Must Arrives \"slam competition this year for the 6th time was carried out .
In Istanbul all secondary institutions open to the participation held competition , more than forty high school, a total of 100 students were admitted . students'books of their interest to reinforce the power of speech to improve themselves, effective and accurate statements to persuade many purposes such as hosting the competition , the first qualifying followed by determination of the 25 people was conducted between . 3 students taking the grade in the competition receive awards schools and students who qualify are as follows:
\"1 Beykoz Anatolian High School-Pearl Wheat
2 Holy Cross Armenian Private School-Nazli Ceren Bakırcıoğlu
3 Eagle Girls Technical and Vocational High School-mervenur Turan \".
The jury TRT program making retired announcer Aaron Yöndem , Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Necmettin Ozmen, Asst. Assoc. Dr. . craving sun , Assoc. Dr. . Murat Aşıcı and Samih Ayverdi Anatolian High School Literature teachers Bilal Kubat was composed of .
Competitors , text dominion , diction , accent, intonation and sound using the directions, gestures and facial expressions according to the criteria evaluated in the competition winning students , Laptop , Mini Tablet and e-book reader as well as awards in addition to participating schools , students and teachers certificate of attendance, the winning schools and competition plaque was presented to the teacher preparing .

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