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  • 15 Mayıs 2014, Perşembe 13:53

Wheel Chair Control only employees thought they did

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Konya Chamber of Commerce ( KTO ) Karatay University Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4th grade students , who can not use his hands and feet paralyzed patients control system for powered wheelchair was thinking .

Konya Chamber of Commerce ( KTO ) Karatay University Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4th grade students , who can not use his hands and feet paralyzed patients control system for powered wheelchair was thinking . Thought control in wheelchairs, in Turkey 800 thousand paralyzed patients glimmer of hope was .
CTO Karatay University Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4th grader Selma Rich (25) with a Computer Engineering student Emre Gönültaş ( 25) generated by the thought of working with the wheelchair control system in Turkey was 800 thousand stroke patients hope . Produced by wheelchair paralyzed patients who can not use bodily functions, you can even use . With the support of TUBITAK per wheelchair user is wearing an apparatus is controlled through . According to the Chair of the patient can use the limb movement, voice or gestures are moving in the direction you want by giving commands .
CTO Karatay University Rector. Dr. . Omar Torlak , \"Engineering our faculty , Engin Mendi our teacher in consultation with our young colleagues to finish the project prepared in that they have this project in their capabilities revealed although it has also a tangible contribution , a tangible benefit that we see . Consequently our friends yet without graduating a really important contribution that reveals a project will be completed at the undergraduate level education lives , \"he said .
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering . Dr. . Ozcan Tan said, \"This project students in the faculty have taken the training in terms of showing the very important project. Projects of this type of the faculty of the university philosophy of the organization , the organization for the purposes continue to increase that hope ,\"he said .
Faculty of Engineering Lecturer Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Şekip Engine Mandi, students receive support from TUBITAK and in various competitions , projects and success in the market has indicated that they receive the degree .
\" HOPE WAS 800 THOUSAND stroke patients \"
Wheel chair generating Selma Rich , \"our project paraplegia patients for the trial. in Turkey about 800 thousand paraplegia patient is experiencing . And this number every year 200 thousand patients are added. these patients readily bodily functions have lost their hundred percent bedridden , in no way act who are unable to wheelchair joystick , even with not control a patient group. earlier in the world this group of patients for a similar operation, no wheelchair control work yet . our project we have developed thanks to the system that groups of patients sit in a wheelchair when thinking power or voice or neck movements allows the control of a wheelchair , \"he said .
Rich ,\"through this project from the University of Arkansas , in the United States have been invited for a research assistant and a full scholarship and the application made there . Our school after the completion of this year there are high academic life continue our license we want to continue . Our projects have brought us many innovations . Many have participated in the project market . At the point of the horizon and vision, this project brought a lot to us . At the same time I find such a solution to a social problem I am very happy for myself , \"he said .
functioning of the system Selman providing information about the rich, \"developed for paralyzed patients in this system there are two sub-headings . Our first control system , capable of moving up paralyzed from the neck for patients proportional to the position of neck movement chose a course of action . The system works as follows ; When we lift up our chairs in the neck position going forward , when we bend our necks to the down position and going back chair stands . When we turn our heads to the right to the right , look to your left , we are moving to the left . In the second control system , which is our main system , has lost all bodily functions for a group of patients that we received so mimiksel movement is working with the system . The important point here mimiksel movements of the patient group , which is associated with actively do . Our çalıştırabilme our system is sufficient for at least two command or five commands . We are also doing this as follows ; When female patients frequently exhibit a stop command chair . When the patient's eye look to the right , right, look left when the chair is moving to the left side . When patients raised an eyebrow , the teeth often , eyebrow and pursed her down when angry or laugh command as many seats as components , we are able to integrate into our system . In this way, patients yüzsel and mimiksel they use as these movements chair they want , at which point they want to move it into position ability will improve , \"he said .
The project:the student Emre Gönültaş , the\"Our project tests true of our patients have performed . In this process, many new projects set sail , we discovered new things . For example , speaking of a disabled aunt was paralyzed his right side . This move his right arm to imagine that our patients want and we imagined it when we were able to read it from the computer . In the new project , wearable arm or using electric waves , as used in physical therapy trying to move that arm as a continuation of this project , \"he said .

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