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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:00

West sinking Claims

West sinking Claims
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Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and hosted by the Renaissance Change Management institutions have Canip with the participation of President of the Altai'2015 Leading Financial Highlights of Companies Positions And Claims Seminar \"was held.

Gaziantep news:
Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce ( GTO) seminar held in the hall and joined company officials concerned. The keynote speakers of the seminar, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Figen Celikturk , said they are susceptible of regional changes in Gaziantep. \"We are changing terms are very important ,\"said Celikturk , Gaziantep said could take the risk to see the developments and changes of entrepreneurs .
Celikturk after Renaissance Changes from the podium and Management institutions have President Canip Altai, \"Global Indicators and Position \"Getting a presentation carried out . Altai, the world pass through the challenging days and therefore pointed to Gaziantep. \"West is sinking , rising East , North , emigrated to South ,\"said the Altai, the world of 2009 stressed that since entered into a different process . The whole world at the same time pointed out that everything began to live together Altai, the emerging technologies in this change and pointed out that social media plays a major role . 15 years after the transfer almost the same would be in terms of per capita income in Germany person with Turkey Altai, the world drew attention to enter into a different conjuncture .
Participants addressed the Altai, \"If the future is foreseen , you will be forced you can not get the proper position against the risk,\"he said. Participants company officials Renaissance Changes found in the alert and the President of the institutions have Management Canip Altai, \"Do not take risks you can not manage ,\"he said .
Then slideshow with Altay made ​​a presentation to the participants , developed and developing countries ; energy consumption, energy production, income distribution, compared from aspects such as national income per person .

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