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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:07

\"We became like nails with meat \"

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Kars, Ardahan and inhabitants of Igdir Association Board Members visited Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki'ye .

Kayseri news: During the visit, President Özhaseki evaluating the migration to Kayseri , where they are born of everything into place , sometimes stating that brought the conflict, \"No , this has thankfully city to God. Proverb is like flesh and nail with migrants ,\"he said .
Kars Association Ardahan and inhabitants of Igdir Chairman of the Board and Board members discussed a Aytac Kırmızıtaş time with President Mehmet Özhaseki visited the Metropolitan Municipality. Migration experienced in some provinces that may cause a conflict environment ; Kayseri , but in such a case that the statement said that President Özhaseki mean that in Kayseri Anatolian culture and people said that this culture is compatible people. Man's disposition in the birthplace that there is a feature such as love , and also stressed that it is normal President Özhaseki it, \"we love where we of course born. Finally, there goes our childhood , it's our memories . To speak of them very ordinary , but it is to bring everything conflict raises a style. God'a thank our city does not exist. one affection , unity , solidarity . proverb is like flesh and nail , \"he said .
Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki , Temperance Kayseri Branch with Hunat Market Management also discussed a while accepting.

\"We became like nails with meat \"" comments for.


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