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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Nisan 2014, Perşembe 15:39

Van'Armenian Genocide'Symposium

Van'Armenian Genocide'Symposium
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Van ( dpa)-Head of the Turkish Historical Society .

Van news: Dr. . Mehmet Metin Hulagu, the war did not approve , said:\"But I experienced a war. Us different is a war . Our own country , their homeland, their territory to protect our war we were\"he said.
Turkish History Institution organized by \"The First World War'Armenians in the \"symposium , Van Centenary University (University ), Professor. Dr. . Genghis Oath was held at the Cultural Center . Is regarded as the anniversary of the 1915 events began on April 24 and two-day symposium Head of the Turkish Historical Society . Dr. . Mehmet Metin Hulagu, Atatürk Culture, Language and History Institute Head . Dr. . Derya Ors, Van Centennial University Rector. Dr. . Peyami Battal and Ataturk University professor. Dr. . İbrahim Ethem joined Atn .
YY Rector speaking here . Dr. . Peyami Battal, the Ottoman Empire on absolutely assimilation is not specified , \"the Ottoman Empire at that time a strong and fair stance knows the other countries from time to time from the Ottoman Empire sought help . This help Ottoman empire went there , there problem solve came back . This assimilation countries that also are seeing . this date sees , we see . Today sailed to the Ottoman Empire in this way approaching these countries which in the past the country how assimilation do we see that . Ottoman if such a mindset , if it is to where their culture comfortable'd take every thing took me there a repressive elements would remain . I own from my village I know it's Relocation Law on with how a genocide , you're taking the Armenian children , our people having maintained . genocide though would kill , so why it kept you? And our neighbor was our . what religion in terms of what matters to be Armenian citizen without an iota of concern for a long time in our village lives , homes and plots of children still stands , \"he said .
Head of Turkish Historical Society . Dr. . Mehmet Metin Hulagu the symposium in Van Making the causes explaining , \"Van a major city to be the first World War, the events of actual events , conflicts and Van incineration and part of history because we chose this place . Van, we look at when a newly established city we see . fortress on this side of the two other parties in two different Van is reflected . these by a new van but on the other side when you look burned, destroyed , only two have been restored mosque consists of former Vans there . Consequently the former Van , namely During World War I , Armenians and Russians besieged by and within the public , along with wife and children , with ravaged the former Van also see the place , the war , which has seen out on the town this symposium we wanted to do . Consequently Van happened in the First World what happened at the Battle of relocation of events , the necessity of relocation , redundancy or that the conditions which have occurred in this symposium today will put on the table . course it has to be noted , war is destruction . Whether you win or lose is the resulting destruction , because it is a disaster from both sides will be the deceased , innocent people will die together . That's why I do not approve of the war , but a war that has experienced . For us it is a different war . Our own country , their homeland, we've fought to protect our own territory . The British , the French , but in the meantime we've fought against the Russians against Armenians also we've found our . Although we Armenians against a declaration of war have if we French and the British and cooperating , with the Russians Van encompassing and Van and destroyed , people killed , the Armenian our citizens in the war had to we did. No one died during the war or peace but inevitable when we are not in favor of it then there's nothing much to do . We, the Turkish Historical Society and as always, everywhere Armenian academics , historians are in favor of getting together with . Among us of the problem by talking , by negotiating joint symposia , panels, conferences need to be addressed by editing believe . Only parliament over only with claims to act the only one-sided konuşulmasının solution to this problem contributing to believe that because the middle there is a problem , an issue if any of the parties, with documents , with information of the parties, a round table gathering around and there discussing , talking , by negotiating a conclusion believe that we should arrive , \"he said .
after the opening speeches , symposia different sessions continued.

Van'Armenian Genocide'Symposium" comments for.


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