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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:21

Unesco World Conference Begins in Japan

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Minister of Education Nabi Avci, \"what is happening in the world of millions to remain silent Syria leads children to remain uneducated .

Ankara news: How can this situation be associated with the concept of sustainable development , \"he said .
Started Sustainable Education UNESCO World Conference for Development in Nagoya City, Japan . A meeting was invited to the UNESCO member states, Minister of Education Minister of Education Nabi Avci attended. May be continued for three days in development training concept at the conference will discuss the importance of education, educational policy, contribution to the international development goals of education , the development of local initiatives topics will be discussed . Ahmet Minister Hunter Turkey's Tokyo ambassador at the meeting, Bulent Meric, Grand National Assembly of Turkey Turkish-Japanese President of the Friendship Group Nigde Deputy Alparslan Athletes , Ministry Deputy Undersecretary Salih Celik , Deputy Undersecretary Ömer Açıkgöz , the European Union and External Relations General Manager Ziya Yediyıldız also accompanied . Photo Ministers Hunter, in his speech at the round table of the conference because of what happened in Syria criticized the attitude of the world .
but the hunter stating that sustainable development would be more meaningful in a world without war , \"what is happening in the world of millions to remain silent Syria leads children to remain uneducated . How can this situation be associated with the concept of sustainable development ? \"He said.
Syrian children's education , said:Photo \"forced to leave Syria more than 1.5 million people and a very large proportion of our land we host our own possibilities . In Turkey, for Syrian sources that we use so far has exceeded 4.5 billion dollars is . Syria crisis has become increasingly regional and global problems. In the humanitarian and political indifference is no longer possible . Currently about 150 thousand Syrian students currently studying in Turkey. 70 thousand students are continuing their education at schools in 11 provinces established in the camps we set up , while 71 thousand 500 students in our various provinces , municipalities, our governor , they see their education in schools organized by civil society organizations . Other than that, it has not taken the training yet close to 200 thousand , a Syrian children have access to education. Turkey is not enough being done , but to do the best that can be done on their own terms . Here I urge the whole world to care about the education of Syrian children. On the basis of peace and brotherhood will increase the quality of life of present and future generations in a world , and I believe a more fair and the place would be sustainable in our world . \"Photo \"sustainable development , and wars might make more sense in a world that is in communication with each other, \"Hunter uses the phrase , \"for that ; education system of \"world citizenship \"to improve the awareness needs to be structured around a common goal and senior . Of course, to do so; to be completed in a very short time the current threat of war should be the priority. Otherwise, sustainable development, but it could face a utopian patients who could not top level of goodwill . In order to ensure sustainable development priorities should be security of the facility , \"he said .
Minister Hunter, come together in the evening with Japan's Minister of Education Hakuba Shimomura .

Unesco World Conference Begins in Japan" comments for.


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