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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ocak 2014, Cuma 12:40

Trained in Kilis 18 thousand Syrian children Receives Ratings

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Öncüpınar, Elbeyli container town in the center of the city with 18 thousand Syrians ceremony took student report cards.

 Öncüpınar, Elbeyli container town in the center of the city with 18 thousand Syrians ceremony took student report cards.
Öncüpınar Container report distribution ceremony in the city, Kilis Governor Süleyman TAPS, Garrison and Deputy Provincial Gendarmerie Commander of the Gendarmerie Colonel Abdullah Emre heavens, December 7, Rector of the University. Dr.. Ismail Güvenç, Provincial Police Director Candemir Ozdemir, Hasan Aslan Provincial Director of Education, joined the circle chiefs and directors. Syrian students Governor Solomon Taps protocol with the members showed great interest.
Governor Taps and retinue, report distribution they come to school by students Turkish songs and the National Anthem was greeted by reading. Governor Taps Suleiman, Syrian students to learn what they know Turkish question was sur. Governor Taps are satisfied with the response received, giving instructions to teachers to teach faster and has ordered the beautiful Turkish. Students chat with the Governor Suleiman taps and his then student report cards and various gift gave.
Governor Taps, in a statement, today Öncüpınar Kontera in the city of Syrian students report to deploy found, said:"As we all know as the Syrian brothers Turkey for 3 years' our guest. Kilis, about 80 thousand Syrian brothers and sisters home are doing. 3 years them here, guests would. Both camps in our both in the city center Syrian students hungry for the schools that we have. herein students about our I briefly want to give information. Currently we are in Öncüpınar Containers in the city of kindergarten, elementary school and high school are available. herein currently 4 thousand 600 students education and training sees. Today in the rations distributed. Karner, as I when I look at all children succeed. always get full marks left. always 10 lecture notes. herein and their curriculum they see as well as Turkish language education are taking. Yet just as the National Anthem, and poetry of our our songs very nice said. Both our students and their parents them to the teachers who educate our congratulations. Others camp with the city center and the Syrians about to give brief information necessary Elbeyli camp seven thousand around 500 of our students present. Cities At the center of this we have opened five schools in the six thousand students are there. we own today in our schools in the report card distribution ceremony had. Approx our 32 thousand of our students present. 18 thousand at Syrian students have. Look, when we Kilis population 3 2 up students present there. So 50 thousand a student there. This perhaps many of the district, or some smaller provinces of our population even more than one population. 3 years, we here all kinds of education, health and infrastructure, until it reaches any kind of help and support our brothers and sisters continue to deliver,"he said .
Governor Taps, yet in recent years the Syrian side of the conflict intensified, said:"It therefore borders on the other side about our 500 meters ahead of us Esselame itself in a camp was formed. there these days, around 20 thousand Syrian our brother in tents remain. course today for our students excited and happy day. But we all now hope to. BI next academic year in their own country in their own country in their own homes may be. But I still wish our way I want to express. So our hope our request these children a moment ago peaceful healthy somehow their home countries and the Syrian bloodshed in the flowing of tears stop. there stability for a moment before provision. tranquility and peace ensured. always this hope that you will. Here, children who grow up just this peace peace in the coming period provision, they shall ensure. Turkey with Turkish brothers with unity in ages how to live if then his base here is discarded. these our children live here, our people always to the Turkish state Cons nation against a sense of gratitude and gratitude in,"he said.
Turkey's 10 provinces in tent city, the container town of 45 thousand 696 Syrian students studying in the school report card today, while 546 thousand Syrians teachers in schools, providing education to the Syrians, including 337 thousand 932 Turkish teachers in classroom training allows teachers

Trained in Kilis 18 thousand Syrian children Receives Ratings" comments for.


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