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  • 17 Kasım 2013, Pazar 04:39

Tofaş"Gold Factory"Level Rises

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Tofaş Bursa Plant, WCM-World Class Manufacturing Programme team as a result of inspections carried out"Gold Factory"raised.

Tofaş Bursa Plant, WCM-World Class Manufacturing Programme team as a result of inspections carried out"Gold Factory"raised.
Tofaş Bursa Factory, 175 Fiat-Chrysler Group plants and factories in the group administered 350 supplier WCM-D Earth plane arasındagerçekleşen Class Manufacturing program kapsamında13-15 November as a result of the audit 'success in reaching the Gold level which crowned. Activated in the world in 2006 in order to raise standards in the industrial areas classed the first years of the program"The Fastest following factory"award for Tofaş in 2009, reaching the Silver level which was the first Fiat factory. Since the program began in 2006, focusing on the continuous improvement of production standards, Tofaş, WCM program, 97 percent of work-related accidents, 68 percent of external quality indicator, the productivity of 35 percent, while 75 percent of the improved machine faults.
Performed as a result of new controls, Tofaş CEO 'Water Kamil Basaran said on the subject :"F abrikamızda since 2006, work safety, quality, cost, delivery and continuous improvement efforts on environmental issues was very important. This is a development ride and this is just down the road our factory has developed standards, but also our employees. particular production lines reached very high levels of employee competencies thousands colleague, a friend of all, it is their own business area manager may handle such competence; produce recommendations to improve the job they are playing an active role in the passage of life. This is our today and for the future with an extremely intense competitive environment of constant change değerli.Dünyadaki ourselves need to constantly renew and develop. WCM nonstop work will continue to serve this goal. R & D investments in our new, qualified employees and our ability to manufacture the country's economy and will continue to lead the industry to contribute."
"Gold Factory"rose to the level of Tofaş, WCC (World Class Company) under the program since 2009, is leading the implementation of WCM suppliers to the methodology. As of today, covering 55 percent of the annual turnover of the domestic purchasing a total of 30 continuing joint efforts to attract world-class competitiveness of the company's supplier.

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