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  • 09 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 04:15

Tofaş's internship program has been renewed

Tofaş's internship program has been renewed
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College students for internships Company, which is the most preferred institutions, training program, enriched.

Founded in 2010 by Tofaş

Tofaş students participating in the internship program was launched by the Academy, the scope of a 2-day orientation, all the processes of a vehicle design to manufacture, factory ride, had the opportunity to see them.

participants added to the internship program 'Personal Development' module communication in the business world, effective training, such as resume writing and interview techniques, as well as the automotive industry, automotive technologies, models and brands-on seminars. Job security is included in the internship training program, students were informed in a comprehensive manner about the functions of the different units.

This year, in different parts of Tofaş 10 weeks 'internship project' 40 interns who are able to do, and note the high success with a mean of students were selected from among 900 applicants. Internship at the end of the process, students develop projects that offer Tofaş unit managers, and executives to exchange ideas about projects, as well as presentation techniques. Within the framework of social events held during the internship Tofaş Bursa to visit the Museum of Anatolian Cars, picnics, reinforcing friendship trainees through different activities like bowling tournament, a ceremony held at the end of the program"Tofaş Academy Certificate of Achievement"was given.

Tofaş providing information on the subject, said Human Resources Director Burhan Cakir :"T ofas In 2010, the entire value chain established with the aim to provide world-class learning and development opportunities Tofaş Academy for internship program participants not only professionally, but the responsibility of being an academy we aim to contribute in terms of personal development. implemented in a way prepare interns. the other hand, students who successfully complete the training program, we aim to employ Tofaş in accordance with the existing open positions. This practice, for the first began to bear fruit. example, in 2013 'project internship' program from a friend who recently started working in the R & D unit. wish, training and personal development programs similar in scope to other sectors, as well as the automotive industry is an example."

Tofaş's internship program has been renewed" comments for.


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