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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:46

To institutionalization \"Adana speak the Future\"Panel

To institutionalization \
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Adana news: Chairman Murat KOLBASI said currently 4 million units sold in Turkey, they are 1 in the market , including foreign brands .
KOLBASI , Adana Vocational and Business Owner, Women's Platform organized by the institutionalization of family businesses \"Adana speak the Future \"participated as a speaker on the panel .
that the panel's opening speech Business Women's Association ( businesswomen ) President and Adana Vocational and Business Owner Women Güçbirliği platform Term spokesman Elif Dogan Turkmen platform Association of Women Entrepreneurs , Adana Soroptimist Club, Seyhan Soroptimist Club, businesswomen Business and Professional Women Association ( BPW) told us that they establish with .
State, Turkmens say they use this platform to contribute to the establishment of gender equality in the private sector and the public , in an unbiased manner , he said they are aiming the empowerment of women . Turkmen , \"We know that our country was able to catch the equality of opportunity with the increase in the number of women in employment and entrepreneurship. 2023 we're going to catch the target , we can catch up with the women ,\"he said .
\" 1 MILLION 350 THOUSAND COMPANY PERCENT 94 family Business \"is a Photo Adana Chamber of Industry Chairman Zeki Kivanc family of companies emphasized the need to strengthen the institutional structures to survive in a highly competitive environment. In today's competitive environment, the average life expectancy of small and medium-sized organizations in the world 18 years Kivanc indicating that 12 years fall , not only in Turkey but also in the world family of companies 3. noted that 10 percent of the rate of reaching the belt . Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association registered 1 million 350 thousand capital company pointed out that the family firm 94 percent Zeki Kivanc, told various issues and underlined the importance of institutionalization .
Adana businessman Murat KOLBASI the 48-year desired brand from yesterday to today gave a presentation on how they make a great brand kurumsallaştırıp . In Adana, the father and uncle after trading began voicing increase the production of household appliances in Istanbul KOLBASI currently is 1 in 4 million units sold in the market , he said that the introduction of foreign brands in Turkey. Stressing that the turnover is between 2-5 KOLBASI , said they increase the number of brands and product diversity. Family-owned attention should provide strong institutionalization to continue the existence of KOLBASI , the world installed Swiss-based Family Business Network said they were created in the 40 founding members to Turkey.
Panel at the end speakers support panel for the information Murat kolbasa transfer which Nilgun extracts and Sıdıka Uğurlugüngör was given a plaque of appreciation .
Panel Cukurova Mayor Soner Çetin , Adana Commodity Exchange President (ATB ) Muammar Hardworking, ATB Parliament Speaker Sahin Bilgiç extracts Chairman Agriculture Board Nilgun extracts , Adana Chamber of Commerce ( ATO) President Atilla Menevşe , Adana Hacı Sabancı OSB President Bakr dairy , Business and Professional Women Association ( BPW) Adana Representative Ayça Katlav paper, Adana Soroptimist and joined Seyhan Soroptimist representatives.


To institutionalization \"Adana speak the Future\"Panel" comments for.


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