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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:35

The correct term for Flu Vaccine

The correct term for Flu Vaccine
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Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (ENT ) specialist Dr.

İstanbul news: Winners Art Pele , the school with the opening of illness complaints are increasing, said flu vaccine most appropriate time for September and October that the family has warned .
Experts autumn and winter months often seen and the opening of schools with between children widespread pandemic flu among the most effective measures that can be taken to show that the flu vaccine . Families in their children's cough , high fever, nasal congestion, ear pain with them stating that the applicant Eurasian Hospital Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Dr. Winners of Art Pele , families influenza pandemic on children in full starting in September and October warned that getting the flu shot . Children under 6 years of age with emphasis on flu vaccination ENT Specialist Dr. Winners of Art of Pele measures that should be taken before the beginning of the flu epidemic , he said . Pele , \"The flu vaccine once a year are being implemented. Influenza epidemic started when many people get sick because vaccinated so does not matter . For that reason, the epidemic fully begin , and people get sick before this period vaccinated matter . Especially health care workers , nurses , doctors, patients, carers , over 60 seniors chronic disease or immune system weakness elderly patients , organ transplant those especially vaccinated recommend . these outbreaks protected from anyone who wants to vaccine this season can make , \"he said .
with the opening of school children crowded together in an environment they say they are closed and stuffy Dr. Winners Art Pele , the fall season influenza in order to avoid these warnings were found:\"Children any patient even if the long duration of the course , in through the air these infections very easily spread. During this period, families with us often in children night sleep to wake degrees cough, high fever, nasal congestion , runny nose and ear pain they come with . especially autumn months with the arrival of upper respiratory tract infection , viral , influenza and influenza-like infections are increasing in frequency . during this period ill children in the school environment sneezing , coughing a napkin spread of infection can be prevented. inhalation times closed environment , rather than as much as possible outdoors spend against infectious diseases will remain. children's nutrition to be very careful , natural products and seasonal fruits and vegetables and nutrition at the same time plenty of water to drink would recommend . particular smoker parents of children smoking around them , indoors with the children of smoking that I would recommend . Outside their cigarette smoke forming a barrier preventing healthy children and are becoming more susceptible to this disease . Vehicle after using their hands with soap and water to wash the issues to be considered among the ranks . \"
Natural products have always suggested that expresses Dr. Pele ,\"the upper respiratory tract secretions moisten threw down their throat mucosa barrier to protect against infection in the water is very important. Primarily against influenza would recommend plenty of water to drink . Outside its natural herbal teas , especially lime, sage, rose hips, ginger and disease prevention both in terms of their patients easier to heal after are among the products we recommend . Sold in transfer benefits may also use proven natural teas . Take plenty of vitamin C , I suggest eating seasonal fruits and vegetables , \"he said .

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