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  • 06 Şubat 2014, Perşembe 13:13

TeknoSA Multi-Channel Model TL 60 million in 2014 to Invest

TeknoSA Multi-Channel Model TL 60 million in 2014 to Invest
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Which closed the year 2013 with successful results TeknoSA, multi-channel growth strategy in the new era (omni-channel) founded on.

İstanbul news:  Which closed the year 2013 with successful results TeknoSA, multi-channel growth strategy in the new era (omni-channel) founded on. TeknoSA each channel, a standard customer experience by creating customer loyalty is aiming to increase.
Turkey technology retail sector leader TeknoSA 2013, the successful financial results, closed in 2014, new goals focused. With consumers of digital and physical media in all of the barbeques customer loyalty increases the"multi-channel"model, in 2014 investment in the priority areas that determine the TeknoSA, retail is the future of multi-channel structure for the 60 million TL investment to implement.
Teknosa in 2013, the value created and future goals by the year 2014, Sabanci Holding, Retail and Insurance Group Chairman Haluk Dincer and TeknoSA General Manager at a press conference held with the participation of carving Necil were shared.
Meeting 2013 year with successful results Close stated that they Sabanci Holding, Retail and Insurance Group Chairman Haluk Dincer, Teknosa in 2014 of digitalization with the opportunities of all channels integrated operation that allows for multi-channel strategy will focus on underlined. Dincer, in this context, both mağazalaşma would accelerate investments will grow in both the online channel will be noted and explained the amount of investment to be $ 60 million.
Teknosa Dincer also provide information about the financial results of the company in 2013 with growth of 27 percent stated that a very successful performance. Dincer,"TeknoSA each year as well as in keeping with tradition this year, outperforming the sector grew. Percent by 27 compared growing TeknoSA 2013, the TL 3 billion with a turnover closed. Technologies of the retail market, 38 percent have had. 2,014 year sales for our area add about 30 thousand square meters, employing more than 500 thousand new people and provide year-end are aiming to reach the size of $ 4 billion,"he said.
in 2012 ring opening had taken an important step towards becoming a global brand that emphasizes Haluk Dincer, it also saves time in the period up to investors, he said. In May 2012 TeknoSA shares 7.75 TL traded stating Dincer,"TeknoSA shares in 2013, the 12.75 AUD level shutdown succeeded. 2,013 at the beginning of December until the end of the BIST-100 index by 13 percent depreciated, TeknoSA in the equity of 69 percent There was an increase,"he said.
Haluk Dincer, the current image when viewed of 2014 a difficult year to expect but the Sabanci Group, Turkey's potential, dynamism their faith is complete, noting that"TeknoSA put to the targets that we currently revised're not. safe thing efficiency and profitability will focus on. multiple-channel model and seamless customer experience of our investments foundation of our growth locomotive will be,"he said.
TeknoSA General Manager of Necil Carving the Turkey technology as the leading company in the retail sector in 2014 will be focused on a seamless customer experience, said:"Universal in the words of multi-channel retailing, digitalization of the opportunities brought by all the channels integrated operation allows customers channel-dependent structure brands become addicted brings loyalty increases. TeknoSA customers leanings data we have in our present sense of our investments very appropriate support that,"he said.
Carving the continued:
"Consumers are 60 percent of the store before going to consider buying the products on our website Look I've found that. Moreover, multi-channel customers shopping in the annual turnover of a single channel who prefer the turnover of 3 times, while shopping frequency is 2 times involved. multiple channels in the construction of our customers ordered online a product from the store could afford, in the same way in the store, all after-sales services can benefit from. Teknosa wide range of products from all points of access. nutshell online and offline customers a single, seamless experience for would like to . So far we've been able to see the return of investment."
" TEKNOSA will grow everywhere "
27 percent in 2013 growing sector of Teknosa in 2014 Carving Necil indicating that continued to grow over the finalization of investment in 2014 is 30 thousand square foot store, they are not in provinces across Turkey said that they aimed to open stores this year. 's performance that also draws attention engraving,"in 2013 from the site, our sales in 2012 compared to 2.3 times bigger. Total number of visits us in 2012 compared to the 80 percent increase was achieved., In 2015' s five times more growth aim,"he spoke.
Carving the mobile traffic in 2012 compared to 4.5-fold increase in mobile sales stressing that accounts for 6 percent of total online revenue, he said. Carving
also, TeknoSA Continuous Customer Experience is important that the scope of personalized services and TreknoSa Orange Card pointed out that play a key role here. Carving, Orange Card number of members at the end of last year reached 3.8 million people in 2014, stating that they are aiming to 5 million shared.

TeknoSA Multi-Channel Model TL 60 million in 2014 to Invest" comments for.


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