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  • 22 Nisan 2014, Salı 16:11

Teknosa 300 Store, Technology Will Be Turning Point of Parakendecilig

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Turkey's leading technology retail TeknoSA, Mersin Anamur 300'ünc stores will be opened with the signing of an important turning point .

Turkey's leading technology retail TeknoSA, Mersin Anamur 300'ünc stores will be opened with the signing of an important turning point . Starting out with five stores in 2000 , with over 125 million customers in the past year, the store hosted TeknoSA, 300 stores in 77 provinces as of April 23 is reached.
in Turkey 300'ünc store opening very significant , indicating that the TeknoSA General Manager Necil Carving , \"the Teknosa this success to capture , Turkey technology retail sector for the milestone . these aggregates and the sector in the European league much further're moving \"said.
300'ünc store openings with the customer throughout Turkey will launch campaigns through celebrate adding that the engraving, \"Teknosa's 14 years of success in the journey of our customers favor we to this point moved. therefore 23 to 27 April , between 300'ünc in our store opening special as a very attractive campaign we are launching . customers, many categories of products from the very special price to buy will have the chance , \"he said .
Turkey technology retail sector laid the foundations said they Necil engraving, for 14 years leadership in the industry never stopped said. Europe's largest technology retailer located between stated that they Carving , \"the TeknoSA, in 2000, three provinces in the five stores , 163 employees and around 1,000 types of products to hit the road in 2004. 56th , 2010 When it comes to 256 stores reaching our company , 300 store providing service in Mersin Anamur , reached a figure very difficult to access . TeknoSA, technology, Edirne to Kars from Sinop near Anamur Turkey took over , \"he said .
its inception Teknosa since the industry will guide nature of many'first'performs emphasizing the Necil engraving, he continued:\"This past year we look at the TeknoSA as'industry in every sense , who led the brand that we can see . organizations in a short time later, Sabanci University and consulting with companies in the stores performance launched a comprehensive project for the analysis . Golden Goal Project today, affecting the development of Teknosa TeknoSA including the Academy has shed light on many initiatives . TeknoSA Academy , over 10 thousand graduates provided by the human resources sector . Technology, Eastern and Southeastern provinces are leading up to the first marker . In 2006, together with provincial differentiation in districts have created a very important store opening . Scientific Retailing models have created the same year . At that time, unprecedented in the industry , our company makes investments in technology and infrastructure , so the growth quickened his steps . TeknoSA, never hesitate to try innovations in retailing and always showed courage leaders . Different concepts, flexible format and can be accessed at the side of the consumer focused . TeknoSA that consolidation in the sector was again . TeknoSA started with after-sales services . Teknoasist in 2007 by commissioning services for consumers, has created a 360-degree approach to customer satisfaction . Now, we are taking very important steps in the value-added services . No longer just for individuals but also for micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs have TeknoSA assurance services we offer packages . \"Technology men is a matter of \"perception to break down and increase women's employment in order to all female employees consisting of'Teknosa's Angels'our stores have opened . \"
Technology retailing the current status and future evaluating Necil Carving the growing online shopping trend , although stores the role of all time will be important , he said. digital experiences to become more diversified , the development of technology and retailing philosophy also evolved , indicating that engraving, said:\"In the world in research , store-shopping by consumers much more preferred is seen. Turkey judging from the window ; In Turkey, the rise of organized retail is currently in progress. There are two main reasons for this . First, a selling point for consumers of stores beyond being just socialization, interaction , experience and service environment to offer . Another reason , which will develop in Turkey currently retail points . According to the AYD , 24 provinces have still not AVM . Both new provinces and merchandising projects will develop and spread. Subscribe beginning of this year in the independent consumer research ; technology than half of shoppers from different channels before going to the store , but the final decision still doing research gave evidence that there is in store . Customers see , touch and they want to experience . Electronics, IT and telecom products in the categories in the store , they give importance to the orientation of the agent . In the light of these , rather than physical stores no more fun , smart , dynamic and socially oriented experience will turn into a structure we see . Merchandising believe that the golden age with innovation . In the coming period of offline and online media mergers to occur with the new hybrid retail experience increasing'll begin experiencing . \"
Teknosa 2013 year growth of 27 percent and TL 3 billion turnover reached Collapse reminding Necil engraving, Teknosa its products and services , uninterrupted and multiple channels can be easily accessed from any point in the investment continued apace , he said. Carving , \"2014 years invested in the 30 thousand square-foot store at the beginning of the year that we have shared with you . Still, by the end of our stores will be opened in 81 provinces . With the assurance that we are not TeknoSA 4 with technology have accelerated our quest to drive store . In addition to this, I , TeknoSA mobile applications will continue to catch up with the momentum we have , \"he said .

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