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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:40

Target of Turkey's 14 league wins in the partners

Target of Turkey's 14 league wins in the partners
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Partners are doing good work in the first year of establishment Gençlikspor infrastructure category this season, 14 League Championship in Turkey planted out .

Aydın news:
Partners running Gençlikspor Peace Kava ​​, \"reducing the demands of the club not to give support to amateur infrastructure ,\"he made ​​reference to askf'y .
14 categories describing to In the 15 categories they continue their studies they continued on their way to peace Kava ​​\"this season a few new players we reveal more düşünüyoruz. of-14 league Turkey , we continue our work , believing that we will be champions . withdrew from the 15 in our league , our three competitors. our players rather than promoting request successful clubs like the azaltı My clubs are not given support to amateur infrastructure and Turkish by the shadows we are Football to give the greatest harm. \"he said.
\"to successful infrastructure teacher in teams, players , you do not give incentives to clubs how revenue success , \"said Kava ​​, \"you keep your mouth birds but worth görmüyorsun.başarıl is being players ignored. Then coaches who value the infrastructure of the club into the league slowly and causes the player to enter a monotony . Aydin ASKF job completely amateur football branch of the professional football team in place to support the image reveals. This comes down amateur sports clubs , \"he said.
Amateur clubs materials to the infrastructure instead of visits , fees , transportation and sports scan that you need to do Kava ​​words concluded:\"narrow and simplistic than Aydınspor 1923 and Nazillisp window handle of football with a view they receive , renewed their neighborhood team will continue to watch as our professional team of infrastructure \"

Target of Turkey's 14 league wins in the partners" comments for.


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