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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:15

Talas on Occupational Safety Precautions

Talas on Occupational Safety Precautions
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Mayor Mustafa Talas Palancıoğlu , said the will of all kinds of security measures to avoid sharp increases in population and housing mania occupational accidents in Talas.

Kayseri news: Photo Kayseri Construction Workers and Subcontractors Association ( KİİTD ) , visited the President Palancıoğlu in make-m . President Palancıoğlu speaking here , Talas is rapidly growing and developing structure-test noting , \"We will make concessions to anyone taking any measure to pass in the construction of the leading sectors in the Growth prevent accidents that may occur ,\"he said .
President Palancıoğlu of drawing attention to the work accident for reducing the loss of life and injuries ASG-ri said they were ready to cooperate with KİİTD is . Rushdie to-ahhit on the construction sector , trade unions, to come together from all walks such as non-governmental organizations , joint moves-mei need that Palancıoğlu President underlined the \"important issue for the industry to establish kiitder . Municipalities and civil society organizations is a matter Kayseri also would save the lives of so-run work in the construction industry . we are ready to support you all the time about this. Companies we are checking , we'll discuss the issues collected in the contractor. life safety of employees, helmet wearing , the'll make sanctions on issues such as safety measures. Thus, work-related accidents in Talas we will be minimized , \"he said . Photo KİİTD Management President Ali Athletes Directors also , that can be experienced in the construction industry occupational accidents and providing support for measures to be taken by thanking the President Palancıoğlu , said they always wanted to work together .

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