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  • 07 Ocak 2014, Salı 10:08

Still Living Doing Hernia

Still Living Doing Hernia
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Still life and forcing the backbone of malnutrition result in back and neck hernia were reported.

Bursa news: Still life and malnutrition are the backbone of forcing the waist and neck hernia cause was reported.
Body burden only the backbone of the transport that experts, spine along the neck, back, waist and abdominal muscles is also very important that drew attention. Still living in the muscles are not strong enough due to the body weight of the spine on the additional burden that this burden on the discs riding hernia caused express the experts,"Recently, people move less than the most of their time on the computer or television against the killing because the backbone that supports muscle strength and flexibility losses are developing. This situation of the spine bones and the bones located between the 'disk' called cartilage to excessive load bearing and a little forced, even with mechanical problems to the development of causes,"he said. Physical therapy and manipulation expert Dr.
. Ali Şahabettinoğl,"the days of immobility and constantly in the same position from sitting pains articulated leg spans a herniated disc in the neck arm and dealt with pain radiating your present neck hernia can be. Considering this just a physical therapist to be examined have your benefits,"he said.
Şahabettinoğl the end of the examinations carried out and a good inspection stressed the need to begin treatment. Hernia patients in Bursa in the center of the back and neck manipulation (manual therapy) method and treating Exp. Dr.. Alice in Şahabettinoğl, this treatment method applied in Turkey known by a small number of specialist doctors stated that applied. Manipulation of the treatment of mild cases 2-3, 4-6 in moderate cases, stated that in extreme cases, take 8-10 sessions Şahabettinoğl, treatment applied at intervals of 3-5 days told.
Manipulation treatment of the patients, 98 percent had improved from patients, only 2 percent in the surgery that you need Şahabettinoğl,"the herniated disc in the feet progressive loss of muscle strength, urine, stool incontinence with or surgical treatment response in patients, the neck of the hernia, the in-arms in the hands of progressive loss of muscle strength in patients who do not respond to treatment or surgical operation in a small number of patients may be required,"he said.

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