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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:28

Spin Trabzon Selcuk Özdery President Meets with Breakfast in the press

Spin Trabzon Selcuk Özdery President Meets with Breakfast in the press
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Felicity Party ( SP ) Chairman of Trabzon Özdery in Selcuk , said they are making efforts to tell the public services of national opinion said it would take its place in the 2015 national opinion in Parliament in the general elections to be held again in June .

Trabzon news: Photo Together in the party press conference with members meeting explaining that they happen to work done by congress on October 12 Özdery said, \"then no longer have passed a long time in the general election will have the opportunity to be represented again in Parliament national vision. This Turkey for even Turkey'in the hope that good work for all of humanity for more than just the Islamic world . Because today we live in a period of current events when we look at , especially in the middle east all the Islamic countries in the Islamic lands where people are sentenced to seven to which the blood and tears enough to persecution . those in authority today in our country , unfortunately, in this region that this solution of the problem is actually the source of this problem is looking at the European door, but we know that the mind thinks benign people can not be part of the solution , which is the source of the problem that he knows it. this persecution is that in this geography for him , the war , we need to call the resort in out to turn into a conflict peace . the remedy is this geography in itself. it is essential to make cooperation with countries that are members of the Islamic countries of this region . There is a theory that in politics it late Erbakan Hoca D8 project. This has laid the foundation of the idea of ​​an Islamic Union , \"he said . Expressing the basic principles of morality and spirituality as National President Özdery Photo opinion ,\"the National opinion is one of the fundamental principles of morality and spirituality before . We unfortunately did not fight again during this government even though it promised to fight corruption with corruption. We have witnessed a period in which veiled the contrary corruption. That's why we say before we morality and spirituality prevention of corruption according to the moral principles of the society to correct the deficiencies . But be implemented with the principle of morality and spirituality have mentioned before that the national opinion , \"he said .

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