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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 10:26

( Special Report ) mother's heart-wrenching Drama

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Mine Polat Erzurum mother of two children , born disabled to walk about 5 miles carrying his daughter on his back every day to school by way while taking the floor , struggling to survive the financial difficulties of the family living in the heart of the story is burkuy .

Erzurum news:
Erzurum's center Yakutiye their state 700 TL 400 and TL by renting slum-dwelling and the remaining 300 with £ innate disabled to walk the 7-year-old girls that tries to Polat pair , they are in difficult life circumstances hearts branding . 13 years of married couples Michael and Mine Parker as early as seven years ago, a daughter was born 5.5 months . Naz sud-called child then preterm delivery due to stroke diagnosis was found to keep feet . Sude Naz from the age of seven , started primary school this year . Mine mothers with mobility impairments Sude Naz Parker, carrying on his back every day due to financial difficulties began to take to school . Home about 5 kilometers away to elementary school children on horseback carrying school takes mom Mine Parker, cordless chairs requesting authorities a voice worked .
Your wife have a job and day-jobs working at home a loaf of bread trying to bring that currently the Erzurum abroad to Go stated that the Mine Parker, \"have two children . Sude Naz, due to premature birth birth walking disability was . cerebral palsy due to the foot of the holding said. treatment with the improvement can be said. But a lot of money keeping our property, our situation worse. States us home maintenance fee 700 £ is helping that money 400 and TL rent to are paying . remaining money with switch're trying to . Sude Naz to take to school to tow chair requests I have . many places I applied , but cordless chair did not get .'s why Sudem every day to school on my back to take I have to . , I'm sick. high blood pressure , arthritis and heart disease there . many sacrifices for my daughter I have to do to be happy . Are very difficult situation . Responsive to help those in need , \"he said .
mother without being next to step aside even assign Sud Naz at home most of the time the doll with the share . Speaking difficulties Sude Naz, language toss and as cordless want a car that tried to explain . Sude Naz objectively reflected outdated and nose section completely torn orthopedic shoes the internal and hurt. approximately 250 to 300 AUD which is around orthopedic shoes did not have money to not get the mothers Mine Parker, \"in this way, we have to handle , \"he said .

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