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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:31

Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning Construction Permits

Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning Construction Permits
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Van Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization Genghis Adıgüzel , the license permits to citizens waiting for then he would give structure themselves.

Van news:
UAV reporter said on the Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization Genghis Adıgüzel , evaluated their work in the last three years since the earthquake. Van Environmental and as Planning Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of 260 million 429 thousand 824 TL worth what they did to total 167 investments representing Adıgüzel , \"This investment was the largest share of education. As the Directorate of Environment and Urbanization City in 2012, 97 million 22 thousand 122 TL worth 72 investment was made . in 2013, 100 million 813 thousand 774 TL worth 72 investment, and in 2014, 35 million 74 thousand 784 TL worth was made 25 investments. also worth 27 million 519 thousand 144 TL as a private investment of our ministry was 6 investment. Thus Van province in the earthquake the next three years, Environment and Urban Planning Provincial Directorate as and will be addressed our ministry on the basis of the amount of investment institutions, training to 190 million 523 thousand 177 TL worth 116 investment , 1 million 137 thousand 500 TL worth 5 investment for health, safety of 10 million 33 thousand 103 TL worth 7 investment , 24 million 618 thousand 800 TL worth 24 investment for general administration , athletic activities to 6 million 598 thousand 100 TL 9 investment made ​​, as well as 27 million 519 thousand 144 TL worth of private investment in our ministry was carried out 6 . The Author as well as the Campaign to Help Your Home 7 thousand 173 village houses , 2 thousand 636 again by making our village barn has made ​​374 million 640 thousand spending $ 50. All the work done is a big investment so made ​​to all provinces of our almost region , \"he said .
Adıgüzel , stating that he would like to give good news to the citizens regarding building permits ,\"especially when you compare it to Van and the Metropolitan Act with Denizli such Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has about 10 thousand licenses . But Van Metropolitan Municipality has given a license to exceed 300-500 . In fact it should have been the opposite . Because Denizli Municipality is not a province experienced an earthquake . Thus, our province has serious problems with registration. The newly formed Tusba and Silk our municipalities , our citizens when they apply for a license to those places , lack of infrastructure , lack of engineers , for reasons such as not established units are sending us reasons . We understand them , we see they are reasonable for the newly formed municipality. However, such justification can not accept from Van Metropolitan Municipality . Because engineers are also major cities , there are urban planners , surveyors also has , in the technical sense there are all kinds of infrastructure to make them . Of course, the citizens need to ministry should governorship , both to us , there are thousands of complaints and expectations related to licensing our leading politicians both . Dear Member of Parliament as a result of the latest Fatih Farmers brain attempts, came to us a letter from the ministry. Citizens who apply to the municipality within two months , if the municipality does not respond to them positively or negatively, within two months , if they have started to give us their license application . This is for our people , our city was a comforting news . Will constitute a lack of zoning laws and the absence of obstacles and the situation will be resolved the grievances of our people , \"he said .

Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning Construction Permits" comments for.


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