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  • 11 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 02:30

Prof. Dr.. Erkanal:"Money Lydians were first used in Mesopotamia"

Prof. Dr.. Erkanal:
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Izmir Region Excavations Excavations Project and Limantepe Head of Land and Underwater.

Adana news: Izmir Region Excavations Excavations Project and Limantepe Head of Land and Underwater. Dr.. Erkanal life, Cukurova University (CU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Archaeology at the invitation came in Adana"The Rise of Mesopotamian Civilization"conference gave. Prof. Dr.. Erkanal, money used in Mesopotamia before the Lydians, that drew attention. CU
Department of Archaeology Faculty of Arts and Sciences 15 Prof. anniversary celebration program from Adana. Dr.. Life Erkanal, Mithat Özsan emphysema in the conference in the Mesopotamian heartland with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers formed around the first settlements of how big city culture to the transition to live and then the Sumerians of the rise of civilization about gave important information.
Ankara University Language Department of Archaeology, History and Geography Faculty Member Prof. retired faculty. Dr.. Life Erkanal first major city in the south of Ur in Mesopotamia and in the settlements have been detected such as Uruk said. In the city of Uruk about 6500 years adobe architecture with terracotta and stone mosaic decoration of the stud and a new tradition emerged that for the protection Erkanal, this"geometric mesh motif named"he said. Late Uruk temple in the age of the institution operating under the entire economy Erkanal voicing, this system is also stressed that the priest directed by the brain. Kent overproduction of products in the temples when storing human memory performance because of a new system born stated that the Erkanal, clay on the triangular or quadrilateral with straw marks began to be written is added.
Today, 5,000 years ago, these economic developments, products and more products are now in other placements trading results in great Winter palace palace dimensional structure as revealed Erkanal stating that the first born of the use of money, he said. This user processes thousands of years continued to develop stated that the Erkanal words said:
"first used this money items of gold, silver and other metals are made from ring were. They develop the same metals bullion turned into. Ultimately, it is first used currency Sumerians 5000 years ago, or in other words, BC III. millennium A was coined and eventually Lydian period, the pressure on to be made, ie, coins kept up."
end of the conference, Faculty of Sciences and Dean of . Dr.. Selahattin by Cool Life Erkanal was presented a plaque of appreciation.

Prof. Dr.. Erkanal:"Money Lydians were first used in Mesopotamia"" comments for.


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