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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 00:36

Prime Minister Davutoglu:\"Bursa is Our Model City \"

Prime Minister Davutoglu:\
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Friday in Bursa , offering 720 million worth of investment services 21 Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the intense interest shown by the people of Ontario , shared with party members from the parliamentary rostrum .

Bursa news: In his speech at the AK Party group meeting in Bursa and an important space that separates the Prime Minister Davutoglu Bursa visit, \"Bursa us is a model city. Our Great City ,\"he said . Photo Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Governorship, Lightning and Osmangazi Municipality as well as the central government built 720 million worth of investments that led to last Friday about 21 services , then 18, who met with the Mayor and members of BCCI Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, has shared his impressions of the party in Bursa AK Party group meeting . A significant portion of Bursa separates the Prime Minister Davutoglu of the group conversation , Bursa and praised the people of Ontario .
\"21 pieces we offer to our people \"that
Bursa Trade and Industry and met with members of the Chamber expressing Davutoglu, \"there we reward our successful business man , we also met with the Foreign Economic Relations Board of the new Board of Directors and members on Saturday. Therefore, we have the opportunity to share in a comprehensive manner in our program business man we explain . as businessmen of our need Bursa really one of the leading cities in the industrial area as not attent Bursa vitality we see important province in terms of this program, and ownership of these programs , as well as the Foreign Economic Council adopt the program as a whole was pleased with me considerably. we just stay with it , this is worth 720 million Turkish Liras in Bursa in week 21 new works of our people we offer the service , \"he said .
\"Bursa is our model city \"Photo Bursa test as the economic dimension of the visit that carry a distinct value in terms of public meeting stressed the Prime Minister Davutoglu ,\"not only in terms of the economic agenda , meeting our people in Bursa indeed in terms of cohesion with them will never leave our minds we had many beautiful paintings. Over the past period, the nice welcome our visit we saw many cities after Friday Prayer hospitality at the Grand Mosque in Bursa , took nearly 1 hour over a period of time our ascent from the Friday prayer and we embrace our people one by one . Hence we see the close attention in Bursa , Bursa conversation so all my brothers , my citizens , I thank my fellow countrymen know of a debt. Bursa model is our city, our great city. As I stressed in my speech in Bursa 2 years ago. Ulu Mosque , Uludag , who is great , especially Emir Sultan , the great sultans , especially in Osman Gazi, but also a pioneer in the city of our republic . See, we come from a striking indication of where the economy ; Bursa last year was 12.5 billion dollars in exports for 2013. This means that in 2002 took over the relics of the AK Party in Turkey, Turkey's total exports of $ 36 billion , in 2013 , 10 years after Bursa exports only 10 year export a city of 3 previous 1 of Turkey's total exports . Here grow this , this is also the city with the country work to be assertive and growth perspective . Our dedication will continue to decrease at all , \"he said .

Prime Minister Davutoglu:\"Bursa is Our Model City \"" comments for.


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