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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 11:05

Obesity in Children Increases Heart Load

Obesity in Children Increases Heart Load
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Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Medicine, Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Assoc.

Çanakkale news: Dr. Fatih Koksal Binnetoğl in children, obesity, cardiac workload increases indicates that .
Diagnosis of heart disease in recent years the development of technology with the serious progress that said Binnetoğl , \"Now child heart disease before birth can be identified. Unborn baby's development in the following gynecologist friends they do routine checks baby's heart regarding suspected a finding coincides if pediatric cardiologist to're driving . we echocardiography call method in the womb, heart disease is able to detect this determination based on post-natal preparation can do . Sometimes laxova serious heart disease is compared with this issue and the family can not inform. Electrocardiography , tele-cardiography (X-ray ), 24-hour rhythm recording, exercise testing, tilt table test , echocardiography and , if necessary, Angioma investigations with children diagnosis of heart disease are doing . especially among the people murmur known as due to the complaint very seriously have a reference . In particular, the murmur needs to stand on . A heart murmur is an abnormal noise heard . Normal healthy heart murmur can be heard without any problems at all . In febrile children , anemic children , this sound can be heard without any structural heart defects . Parents have a murmur in your child , be good when it is said if you see a pediatric cardiologist is experiencing a huge rush . Murmur is usually detected in the normal routine checks is a complaint . The child's routine inspections of child health professionals can determine friends murmur . Murmur important to us. We all heard the murmur should be evaluated by a pediatric cardiology experts believe . Because some murmurs serious structural heart disease precursor can be , \"he said .
in Çanakkale childhood obesity rates Turkey according to the scale from other provinces is high , indicating Binnetoğl ,\"It I'm having with the number of obese children . This we have seen in the normal adult onset of diabetes in children , severe high blood pressure , heart grow there . 10-12 years of age and complications of these diseases have been faced with many children present . Obesity affects the whole system . Affects the hormonal system . Hypertension is doing. Susceptibility to diabetes is doing. In the future may increase the risk of heart attack . Obesity in children is increasing heart load . This load cardiac hypertrophy , heart attack risk gives rise to the risk of future cardiovascular disease . Parents start planning to have a child at the time , children should be considered for heart health actually begins in the rules . Because of the pregnant mother will then drugs, his infection affects a child's heart health . In the first 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, all the organs are developing the draft . During this period, the mother herself as possible protected against infection . Maternal substance dependencies ( non-alcohol ) affects a child's heart health . Unexpected bruising in children , fed fatigue , fainting, drowsiness considering similar to a specialist should be consulted . Children play in an era of greater than or is a child climbing stairs , playing games, friends more rapidly than tired , if you breathless if you are staying peers growth and development retardation , palpitations , chest pain going on if they care they should , \"he said .

Obesity in Children Increases Heart Load" comments for.


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