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  • 16 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 11:50

New Dimensions in Au-Mercedes Cooperation

New Dimensions in Au-Mercedes Cooperation
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Mercedes-Benz-Turkey Aksaray Truck Factory Manager, Klaus Pfeifer, Rector of.

Aksaray news:  Mercedes-Benz-Turkey Aksaray Truck Factory Manager, Klaus Pfeifer, Rector of. Dr.. Mustafa Acar visited his office, which is important for factory automation and asked for support in the fields of Information Technology.
U-M ercedes cooperation is gradually improving. Internships, work practices and the development of laboratory facilities in the fields will be added to new collaborations. Factories that are important for Automation and Information Technology issues, serene opening a new chapter or existing sections integrated program to be added to the agenda came.
Mercedes Benz-Turkey Aksaray Truck Factory Manager, Klaus Pfeifer, 2013 of them in terms had been good and production record, saying,"In Turkey, our market share to 50 percent came up. further large investments are thinking. this point for us in the two sections is very important, Automation and Information Technology. these matters collaborating to discuss Mr. President, we've visited"he said.
Rector. Dr.. Mustafa Acar, the Mercedes Aksaray said it was extremely important for a company. Aksaray University with a Mercedes is a collaboration between the protocol there is already reminiscent of the Rector Acar,"in the Mercedes, we in collaboration Technical Sciences Vocational School within the Automotive Program students, factory training you can do and work practice obtain able. It further forwards want to move. Mercedes needs in the fields of Automation and Information Technology will investigate what we can do,"he said.
Views-Mercedes at the end of the new dimensions of cooperation on mutual desire and determination to continue winning once more emphasized.

New Dimensions in Au-Mercedes Cooperation" comments for.


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