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  • 09 Şubat 2014, Pazar 10:49

Mosaic Snake Figures, Three Way's lying

Mosaic Snake Figures, Three Way's lying
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Found during excavations in the town of Iznik, Bursa and Roman palaces of sewage estimated to be three of the snake figured mosaics were expressed expands sideways.

Bursa news:  Bursa Iznik sewer excavations found during the Roman palace belonging to the estimated snake figurative mosaics three expands to the side that were expressed.
At Nicaea in succession the historical monuments leaving the region with archaeological area was declared. After the flooded ruins of a church in Iznik lake sewer human face emerged in the work area Iznik Museum of figurative mosaics were protected by the Directorate. After the necessary official correspondence Mosaic extension work in the area of ​​the archaeologists, led a layer of soil about one square meter in width. Enhancing the area of ​​the mosaics of the snake figures continued with the soil in the remaining part again hexagonally of different motifs that were identified.
Officer external nobody approximation of whether and police protection carried out in space expansion following the work of officials of the mosaic above from the sand with a cover closed. According to information obtained, mosaics, monuments will be reopened in accordance with the decision of the board of the future will continue and expand the work of the learned.

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