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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 00:13

Minister Eroglu, \"Turkey's Water Issue'Joins the Program

Minister Eroglu, \
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Water Affairs and Forestry Minister Veysel Eroglu, talked about the importance of saving irrigation .

İstanbul news: Eroglu said that the emphasis will gain importance in the coming years in the food industry , said it was an example to the world of a thousand a day in 1001 ponds and irrigation works .
Water Affairs and Forestry Minister Veysel Eroglu, Istanbul Platform Üsküdar held'in Turkey water issue'joined on the program. Minister Veysel Eroglu old Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu also accompanied . Minister Eroglu told by giving examples of the importance of water to the participants in the program. Eroglu said that they began lake mobilization in Turkey , \"We said that until now was founded DSI in 1954 until 2012, although the pond was built , I asked friends of 450 ponds were built . Friends , we said let's start a big campaign , so crazy They say here that kind they I will say though , that they 100, I said 1000 days 1000 pond and you are ready to do the watering I said. they hesitated at first, but I've divided the region into 25 regions are doing currently ride a thousand ponds one in Cyprus 1,001 at the end of the year we do ponds and irrigation ends , \"he said . Photo Eroglu stated that the project received much attention abroad , \"This drew so much attention that came minister from Spain'how are you doing ,'he said .'Thousand days in 1001 ponds and irrigation , including me can not we think narrated the story , \"he said . \"However, 10 of 15 units we can do ,\"he said . Spanish minister even making fun of me'seats we change , \"he said . they invited us on Şahkaya you've finished everything in Istanbul we pulled open if you want a few hundred thousand dollars when in the care of the bride work we we do not work here for the money we work for the sake of Allah said, \"he said . Photo touching on the subject of saving irrigation Minister Eroglu, \"Without adequate irrigation products can not be taken in Turkey , he said . Eroglu, \"Turkey rose to agriculture in 7th place today. The campaign was started we do currently irrigated area brought out 6 million hectares of land . If you grant God , we have a big goal in 2018 .'ll Irrigate every place to be irrigated in Turkey,\"he said.
Water Noting that 73 percent of used irrigation Minister Eroglu said that the biggest saving irrigation area to do. Eroglu, in the cause of drinking water to the citizens saving structure demediklerini explained by saying:Photo \"I am the citizen of such a thing when I say water will be cut he worry. When I was general manager İSKİ , Istanbul plenty of our water to remove the psychological distress caused by water shortages, İSKİ very earn money you please have abandoned as can remember I told you so use a lot of water . Therefore, irrigation is very important and I hope we will also come a great distance in agriculture. I express right to openly then in the near future 20-25 years will be the most important sectors of food safety and food supply in the world of water and Besides energy already so we need to take the necessary measures. \"


Minister Eroglu, \"Turkey's Water Issue'Joins the Program" comments for.


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