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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 29 Ekim 2013, Salı 16:31

Malatya Film Festival will enjoy the cinema Syrian refugees

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Malatya Film Festival held in the fourth year of the civil war in their country for the first time the Syrians staying in Turkey, taking refuge in the city hall in Malatya, two Arabic film izletilecek container.

Apricot Research, Development and Promotion Foundation, by the Office of the Governor of Malatya coordination of the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Malatya Inonu University, Malatya Commodity Exchange, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry and carried out with the support of the Euphrates and Development Agency 4 Malatya International Film Festival, 136 films will be released.

national feature film competition 9, 10 international feature film competition, a national short film festival competition, contestants will compete with 15 films, especially films and international films will be premiered in Turkey Extracts from the masters, documentary screenings, recent examples of independent cinema will take place.

Each year the organization into a more professional cinema festival will bring together all the people of the city this year. 4 Malatya International Film Festival, as well as film screenings each year fares were symbolic figures. Located in Malatya Park Shopping Center located in the center of Malatya Avsar Green Cinemas Cinemas and films will be screened 3 per student fares, full 4 € , respectively. Malatya Inonu University Turgut Ozal Congress and Culture Center, and barrier films to be shown Cultural and Congress Centre, in the short and documentary films can be watched for free.

with the festival since its inception, Mişmiş (Children's Film) and barrier-free film screenings will continue this year. As every year, the screenings will take place free of charge for the visually impaired that the dialogue scenes are portrayed by a narrator, the voices within the movie special subtitles for the hearing impaired in the films will be given to the big screen. Winner of the award for the best film at the festival last year, the hill overlooked film director Emin Alper Cagan Irmak My grandfather's people, Liberation Final Destination, Street Lady with Dog, Love Time movies, meet people with disabilities. Crood'lar Mişmiş Children's Film category, the aliens and the Small Cute Giraffe Hero:Zarafa is a tiny cinema productions will be presented.

screenings at the festival for the first time this year, the town of Malatya, 13 more to be done. Free screenings will take place in two sessions a day to do. Many of the illustrations, the director and actors, while the discussions after the screenings will take place.


festival Beydağı Recreation Facilities in Syrian refugees rest of the city is forgotten container. Syrian refugees in the city for the container to be created to display in the hall sinevizyonla.

Egyptian director Sherif Arafa'nın famous Egyptian singer Abdul Halim Hafez's life, the film tells the story of the 2007 film Sukkar Banat Nadine Labaki (Caramel), a film will be presented to the Syrians.


famous actor Kemal Sunal, Apricot Research, Development and Promotion Foundation, the fourth this year, will perform on November 15 to 21 referred to Malatya International Film Festival.

the memory of Kemal Sunal, National Feature Film Competition of the films, the public will vote. As a result of the voting in the film worthy of an award will be presented by the family Sunal Kemal Sunal People's Choice Award.

part of the activities Kemal Sunal, Sunal prepared by his wife, Rose, the player uses the accessories and clothes worn by the exhibition of films, Malatya Park during the festival week AVM will be released. An interview will take place with the participation of the family sunal Malatya Park Mall.

Chaos cinema players portrayed in the film students,"Saban Cow"come together to tell I festival films will be shown Kemal Sunal Tosun Pasha and Propaganda .

festival, film critic and researcher Ali Sekmeç'in, compiled from interviews Sunal King of Laughter book will be presented to moviegoers. Kemal Sunal Sekmeç'in compiled from the private archive Exhibition to visit during the festival.

Malatya Film Festival will enjoy the cinema Syrian refugees" comments for.


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