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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 14:01

Long-term noise is leading to the loss of hearing

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High-intensity sound to the hearing nerve in the inner ear damage and particularly severe long-term exposure to noise can damage your hearing opened said.

Trabzon news:
Medical Park Hospital Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist Trabzon Oper . Dr. Ozcan is Acun'a , gave information about the hazards of noise . High-intensity sound in the inner ear to the auditory nerve damage noted Acun'a \"Sound of the violence the greater the likelihood of damage is so increased . Ear damage , the intensity of sound as noise exposure time uzunluğuyla were concerned . Noise primarily at higher frequencies of sound (thin sound ) audibility decreases . noise exposure prolonged if the lower frequencies in the sound be heard are also affected. sudden high intensity noise exposure temporary even sometimes be permanent hearing loss may occur. However, long-term or repeated noise usually permanent hearing loss makes . 90 dB noise 8 hours a day more more exposure , 100dB noise 2 hours a day , 115 dB noise the day 15 min over exposure permanent damage , \"he said .
\"Long-term noise-induced hearing loss patients at an early stage , the noise before high-frequency noise hearing for breaking the only difficulty understanding what is heard in a noisy place and ringing (tinnitus) felt \"the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Oper . Dr. Ozcan Acuner \"Ear Damage to the proceeds conversation in hearing loss is observed and tinnitus increases. Sudden noise exposure of the patient , especially noise-exposed ears on the side to hear , tinnitus and congestion complaints başlar..b patients examined noise in the inner ear called the department as it affects all normal findings are detected. inner ear have knowledge to be odiometri called the hearing tests done. these tests degree of hearing loss and which frequencies are determined to be , \"he said .
ear Nose and Throat Specialist Oper . Dr. Ozcan Acun'a the noise from the damage on protection following warnings were found:
\"Noisy workplaces people working in the inner ear damage to hedge necessarily earbuds have to use. Only cotton or similar things ears clogging reduction of noise in the very least they are effective . Noisy work places to work in time setting , ear protection is important . Moreover, this work places employees once a year, including odiometrik measurements shall be subjected to . Moreover, especially among young people, commonly used with headphones in a loud and prolonged listening to music similar harmful effects may be be careful gerekmektedir..hat the long-term and often in talking with mobile phones , with the effect of the magnetic field in the inner ear , especially in patients with complaints of dizziness can be seen harmful effects should be kept in mind . \"

Long-term noise is leading to the loss of hearing" comments for.


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