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  • 24 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 10:48

Hepatitis B does not realize that some patients

Hepatitis B does not realize that some patients
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At the beginning of the disease have no symptoms that can be seen in influenza infection , some patients with hepatitis B do not realize that .

İstanbul news: At the beginning of the disease have no symptoms that can be seen in influenza infection , some patients with hepatitis B do not realize that .
from person to person through bodily fluids passing hepatitis B symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease relates to methods of providing information Eurasian Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Ali Vardar, fatal consequences that cause this disease , any influenza infections can be seen in symptoms because it has some patients can not be aware that by the hepatitis B said.
Internal Medicine Specialist in accordance with the information given by the Vardar , newborn infants with hepatitis B does not give any indication about the significantly . However, as we age is directly proportional symptoms arise begins.
Hepatitis B , whole body extreme fatigue, mild fever, headache , loss of appetite , nausea, vomiting , especially the liver of pain and tenderness in the form reveals itself and the pain , shake and tilt increases over time . Constipation or diarrhea, widespread pain in muscles and joints , skin rash, 5 percent of adults over the age of 40 , and jaundice occur , as well as jaundice can be seen only at 10 per cent of infants . However, some patients or physicians chance of blood donors for hepatitis B, hepatitis B screening test that does not know until you ask . Because it goes without symptoms of hepatitis , or in some cases, this means that the patient is not understood .
Have any symptoms of influenza , which can be seen in quite significant , indicating that the diagnosis of hepatitis B. Exp . Dr. Vardar, \"Liver area on pain , jaundice like symptoms should be especially careful . Either have not been vaccinated individuals , especially screening tests by disease tightness that they understand and consequently, according to the results are negative to be immunized , if positive, lifelong surveillance must be . Hepatitis B cirrhosis and liver cancer, which may lead to an insidious disease. Sometimes liver cancer or pop cirrhosis cases under the hepatitis B virus is subsequently determined and these patients the diagnosis until hepatitis B also unaware of the circulate , \"he said .
HOW infected?
during sexual intercourse with hepatitis B infected person's body fluids other partner's vagina , anus ( rectum, particularly inverse relationship ) , urinary tract (ureters ) and the mouth of the injured or scratches come in contact with the disease to other people Stating that now Vardar, \"even a week remaining blood and saliva to dry out enough for the transmission of hepatitis . For this reason, one must be very careful . In particular, people with chronic hepatitis B carriers and those people living with the disease transmission risk in terms of sexual partners is still quite high. Hepatitis B from mother to child during birth, microbes pass the resulting state transition is defined as perianatal and diseases can be transmitted this way . Also used during tattooing and body piercing needles sterile and clean enough due to lack of transmission to the person concerned . Sick people use and blood smeared razor, razor , shaving brush and a toothbrush with the use of hepatitis B can be transmitted , \"he said .
normally ranging from 45 to 180 days with an incubation period of this disease , on average, between 60-90 days, a large segment of society, necessary for the emergence of the disease incubation period accounted for .
hepatitis B, a carrier sex partner to have , polygamy , another sexually transmitted disease is hepatitis B patients of the forks, spoons, knives, razor, razors and similar articles to share , intravenous drug use, professional (doctors, nurses, dentists, blood and blood products dealing with laboratory and blood center staff ), hepatitis B virus in terms of high-risk countries more than 6 months to live (China, Africa, Asia the continent's center and north-east , the Middle East, Eastern Europe), long-term hepatitis B virus carriers with a person the same room, for various reasons, sharing ( dormitories , prisons , etc.), are homosexual or bisexual , clean and unhygienic places tattoo or piercing and working in these hygienic conditions are not good barbers to shave , maternal hepatitis B virus infection with that of a newborn child is always a risk factor creates.
a child is born hepatitis vaccine and hepatitis B protective immunoglobulins (protection of serum ) by making the disease capture that tells Vardar, \"hepatitis B by a person being bitten , hemophilia or dialysis patients , these people take blood or continuous blood to be cleaned group they are in hepatitis B for extremely high risk group ,\"he has included .

WHEN for hepatitis B should consult a doctor ?
risk factors bearing and hepatitis B-related diseases showing signs of a physician immediately hepatitis related tests have to apply for an expression that Exp . Dr. Vardar, \"In addition, hepatitis B cases , 35 percent of the disease have no risk factors without identifying vaccine is not everyone's physicians applying to have tests , if the tests are negative , vaccination , if positive at certain intervals must be followed . Because hepatitis B chronic consequences in terms of a dangerous disease. liver failure , cirrhosis, liver cancer, very heavy and deadly consequences to this disease communities, families and individuals so dramatic comparison with the results can be , \"he said .
HEPATITIS B tests related oversights should not be missed < br/> on the possibility of exposure to hepatitis B as a priority that you need to consult a physician Vardar, hepatitis B immune globulin ( protective serum ) and three doses of hepatitis vaccine will need to be underlined that . Vardar, suspected a sexual relationship ended hepatitis B immune globilin the first 2 weeks , people have hepatitis B, a patient's blood is infected by a health worker in the first seven days required to undergo stressed.
Meet the requirements of the physical examination and both according to the cause contact you if there is suspicion of hepatitis B associated with hepatitis B blood tests indicating that the desired Exp . Dr. Vardar, \"These tests three main groups are . Hepatitis B DNA test, hepatitis B antigen , hepatitis B antibodies. Chronic hepatitis B patients , monitoring and treatment method to determine the CT , MRI, abdominal ultrasound , liver biopsy ( liver ablation procedure) are required. patients screening is also important and scanning an existing hepatitis B with may arise chronic problems monitoring is of importance . pregnant women for HBsAg ( hepatitis B-surface-surface antigen) screening performed routinely recommended it is . we in our country to pregnant women for HBsAg screening test taking and risk group entered the pregnant women in this test pregnancy at later stages occurrences suggest. however, HBsAg and anti-HBs tests were negative result if the hepatitis B vaccine made ​​should be , \"he said.

Hepatitis B protection also gives information about some of the measures Exp . Dr. Vardar, during sexual intercourse, condom ( condoms) to use , needle properly stored and disposed of , blood and blood products, people dealing with latex or plastic gloves to use , toothbrushes , razors and razor cleaning attention to and other people not be shared , drug abuse prevention and those using for matters such as public education rather be cautious if reported to greatly reduced risk of developing the disease .
also Exp . Dr. Vardar, \"New born babies, all adults , drug users in the last six months, more than one sex partner, the people and sexually transmitted disease which has , homosexuals , bisexuals , hemophiliacs , dialysis patients , all health care workers, prison staff and prison prisoners , disabled care home staff on Earth hepatitis B risky areas people traveling hepatitis B vaccine immediately should undergo , \"he said.
hepatitis B, 3 doses require the application of a vaccine, but these three doses at the end of a 95 percent retention offers and three doses of hepatitis B contacts for at least 10-12 years remains .

Hepatitis B does not realize that some patients" comments for.


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