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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:57

Health Minister Muezzinoglu Samsun Coming

Health Minister Muezzinoglu Samsun Coming
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Provincial Health Director Dr.

Samsun news: Joseph Koksal, they will do at the weekend Samsun \"Healthy Eating and Active Life Walk \"event to Health Minister Dr. Mehmet said Müezzinoğlu also participate . Photo Saturday , which will begin in front of the Love Cafe, Healthy Eating and Active Life Walk to all citizens who invited the Provincial Health Director Koksal, \"of 2014 by the Ministry'Healthy Living and Motion Year'respectively. within this scope, November 15 by the Health Department in order to reduce physical inactivity , 2014 , Saturday at 08:00 will start in front of the love Cafe'Healthy Eating and Active Life walk'themed event will be held . take time for yourself and your loved ones. this weekend , our Health Minister Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu's associates are all our people invited to the walking event will take place with , \"he said .
physical activity , muscle using the joint and the actual energy consumption Koksal indicating defined as any bodily movement , \"individuals of the main tools in the development of physical and mental health one is . Besides being a public health problem , but also the welfare of the community , and encourage the protection of the environment and creates an investment for future generations. One of the common risk factors for chronic disease , physical inactivity ( physical inactivity) , risk factors that cause death worldwide, is ranked fourth in the rankings. Breast and about 21 percent of colon cancer-25 in , 30 percent of 27 percent of diabetes and ischemic heart disease is estimated to be the main cause . One of the major factors leading to the increase of obesity is the sedentary lifestyle . Physical activity; reduces blood pressure , increases HDL levels and has a key role to weight control. According to the preliminary report on Turkey Nutrition and Health Survey, unpublished , in our country, 71.9 percent of individuals 12 years and over'u can not do exercises . 9.7 percent per week 1-2 , 10.8 percent is doing every day. Television, computers and the average time spent on the internet 2-3 to 5 years-4 hours/day and 6-6 hours for 11 years/day. Shifting to the healthy aspects of daily eating habits , increasing the physical activity levels and to gain other healthy lifestyle habits are important in disease prevention as well as treatment. Healthy eating and physical activity should be everyone's way of life , \"he said .

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