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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:41

First Response to Fire in the village headmen and imams to do

First Response to Fire in the village headmen and imams to do
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Zonguldak Alaplı district villages consisting of village leaders and imams for the immediate response to potential fire will be specified fire teams in to create a Photo Alaplı Municipality Fire Manager Sinan Flood , depending on the county 52 villages possible fire of teams to prevent the spread until gelesen and ensure that first responders in making healthy he said the purpose of the fire team have started working for the establishment .

Zonguldak news: Photo In this sense, village leaders , imams and Flood indicating that they would fire-fighting training for the villagers , \"Alaplı Governor and Council that we go through every place in the training project with the support of our President continue our educational work against fire in this way. Alaplı connected to all village headmen and mosque teacher to give to the certified fire response training , and we initiated a study to establish fire response teams in the villages. the project aims to Alaplı be away from our villages in our district fire brigade , being wood of a large part of our village house , to correct the stove in the village , Failure to clean the chimney , the lower the house of flammable and corrosive substances storing section , leads to loss of life and property in the fire that occurred in the village. in this case , after giving fire response training to our mosque teacher from the village headman of our village to reduce to a minimum level to create fire response teams will consist of volunteers in our village and material support , with the support of the villagers besides educational support to those teams provide . In addition, each household in the village to convince the citizens to keep at least one fire extinguisher . The fire department is expected to slow down until you reach the scene of the fire growth rate of the intervention teams formed in this region, \"he said.

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