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  • 25 Eylül 2013, Çarşamba 03:25

Ferrari and BMW Owner zero miles bargain!

Ferrari and BMW Owner zero miles bargain!
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Owner Ferrari and BMW will be sold at a bargain price. Look who is the owner?

Customs and the Ministry of Commerce, owner at a bargain price Ferrari and BMW to sell. Owner 2011 model, zero miles Ferrari California, recipient of the tender will be held on September 27. Ministry market value of 800 thousand pounds for the Ferrari 900 thousand pounds; 170 thousand pounds For the 2010 model BMW 520 D's set price of 160 thousand pounds. The Ministry also 48 thousand 600 pounds, the Frozen Surimi Crab Flavor sell. Minister printer, Sticky Thread"by Customs citizens unaware of the sales period is over. Now announced to the citizens of all sales, the tender is being done" he said.

the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Turkey to inaccurate, misleading or false documents captured during the three means of entry is preparing to sell the tender. By the Department of Non bakırköy 2011 model Ferrari California (undamaged) and 2 pcs 2010 model BMW 520 D car (undamaged), through an auction Yesilköy Mah. New Airport Road No:1 Bakırköy/İstanbul will be available.

80 thousand pounds deposited assurance EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE IN

27 on Friday, September at 09.30 the tender, as well as corporations and individuals to participate. Bidders for this Thursday at 16.00 or so Bakirköy Liquidation Management Directorate of Customs and Trade Directorates Regional Directorates in other Levelling treasurer Trusts Business Revolving Fund Audit Office or the Ministry of Industry and Trade will have to lay Pay Desk security deposit. Those who want to be able to see tools in place until the end of business tomorrow.

Sales as the price of 79 thousand 799 thousand 978 pounds to 771 pounds, the Ferrari, BMW brand vehicles will have to deposit the security deposit is for 16 thousand pounds.

Sticky Thread Sticky

be able to get 501 THOUSAND!

Ministry officials 75'ni percent of the cost of sale auction sales if you go through the proposals, pointed out that vehicles be sold to the highest consideration. In this case, the Ferrari appraised price of about 800 thousand pounds, while another does not talipli also be possible to get 501 thousand pounds. 160 thousand to 121 thousand pounds in the same way can be BMWs.

Ferrrari California resale price of 850 thousand to 330 thousand to 340 thousand euros, ie 900 officials pointed out that thousands of pounds, the price stated in the tender, including vehicle purchase tax, and stressed that the excise duty.

Sticky Thread Sticky


participants in the tender, the document used to determine the identity of the real people of Turkey the national identification number and the passport number, and residence of foreign nationals statement, statement of legal persons, the tax identification number and place of business or need to carry the document to have been deposited with the statement of assurance.

Participants in the tender as a representative example of the original or a notarized power of attorney, on behalf of the participants of legal entities, the instance of the original or notarized certificate of authority or power of attorney card, e-mail address of the sale date will need to submit the tender hall.

48 thousand to 600 CRAB

Bakirköy Non-Operating Department also frozen surimi crab aroma of food grade sell. To do this, 48 ​​thousand 600 pounds, price determination, the bidders on September 26 at 16.00 and will need to deposit a security fee of up to 4 thousand 800 pounds. 11.30 and 27 Eylül'da sales tender crab to be done.


Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici, Hurriyet said all kinds of goods seized after customs operations, 'narrow duyurulup environment, highlighting specific people shut down the selling period, Sticky Thread"Now, all sales duyurulup equally to all citizens, are" he said.

Minister printer, Customs Law in June, a significant a change was made, noting that"it is now can sell otoyu Customs gate leakage achieved. It will not wait for a court order or something. Thus, the actual price of the vehicles will have the opportunity to sell. For example, in 2010, BMW, Ferrari was seized in 2011. But After three years we expect to end the court to pull a sale. 3 years ago satsaydık price would be higher. immediately sell the new law change. Court finds unfair us the money we received the goods, we will bring. So who brought the loss of what had happened, nor will the state,"he said.

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