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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:40

Erzincan \"Community Volunteers Meet Ambassadors Program Development \"Edited

Erzincan \
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Prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife conducted in Emine Erdogan's auspices , \"Community Volunteers Embassy Projects in Development\"Erzincan Governor Süleyman the hero's wife, under the auspices of the Hero to Muhsine \"Heart Ambassadors Meet Program\"Erzincan'Provincial Protocol also met a spouse .

Erzincan news: Depending on the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies Sabanci Dormitory Girl afford the program organized at the conference hall ; Muhsine Heroes , Felicity Tulay Dundar, Gülnaz Başsoy , Family and Social Policies Provincial Director Muhammer nature, spouse of the Deputy Governor , Governor spouse and joined Erzincan Province Protocol spouses and guests . Photo Erzincan serving children Ekin , brothers, Virgo and Elif they prepared sketches of girls in the Children's Home was presented to the audience . The show took the stage of the 22 girls from four children's homes ; read poems , told the divine, theater performances, concerts and local ney told the audience experienced pleasant moments of the song . Speaking at a Photo Provincial Director of Family and Social Policy Program Muhammer nature ; \"The guarantee of our state of our future under the auspices and protection to create family environments for our children gayretindeyiz . Our goal has come together today where Betty Ambassadors more artırmaktır.gönül Ambassadors a fold our momentum on the project , one of the stages of the project Foster Family creation in our province awareness about the model they are the ones spreading . held as common opinion of all nations on Earth'best investment is an investment in the future .'thinking is . for this reason our children is investing to grow up in a better environment and better conditions , the projects we are implementing . we love the house , the guarantee of our future , our orphanages by providing a family atmosphere for our children is to raise happy generations facing the future with hope . But you know that their family environment is not enough for our hissettirebilme our children. its for the esteemed ladies aid , we need every one of your mother's affection. Heart Ambassadors Project to all districts , we need to transmit up to the villages and even in the remotest corners , there We must promote. We are aware of this great responsibility on us and we are working with this awareness . \"He said. The Hero of Photo Erzincan Governor wife Muhsine ; \"Heart Ambassadors Project, to increase the number of volunteers in community activities and aims to spread the volunteer work . Volunteers Acts of the services are not a sanction , a proven track record in contrast with the people of free will, performance, attitude and posture .
Ministry of Family and Social Policies, everything necessary for the protection of disadvantaged groups yapmaktadır.yapıl all scientific studies shows us that each child of a family var.ancak needs , there are some exceptions that it is not possible to look at the child's biological family. In this case, the state is looking at the child. It does not leave anyone. However, all the research shows us that the immediate family environment is the opportunity to look at their own family of the child or the child's biological family still best viewed in ambient environments. Photo In this case, the model comes to our foster families . This means children do the actual mother and father . This is not a situation foreign to our culture . We want to take it out of the foster care model for the foreground. Photo \"Heart Ambassadors Project \"which is the first step in our goal of foster care services in our province to increase the number of foster families and Betty ambassador . Children deemed appropriate'Foster Family'is to provide gain .
To be able to protect themselves healthy development of children , to love , to support , to ensure safe , consider a warm family environment to meet social and material needs. They can get enough love, the requirements of regularly be grown in a warm family environment are met , peace envoys , that is in the hands of us. Provinces covered by Photo Project'Gönül Acts of the study is considered the creation of Team .. These teams , the promotion of volunteerism , the introduction of more accessible volunteering activities will enable the integration of those who want to volunteer in community service .
the second step of this project are women. Gaining women's career as Betty ambassadors , the more necessary studies have been initiated to secure a future stepping .
Education levels are low and economically poor conditions in life-sustaining women professional outdoor teaching vocational skills to the employment and earning directing the high school their future and grow their It is important in terms of generations. The largest share falls to mothers in the education of the children. Therefore, it is essential that an educated mother with a big role in the growth of healthy communities beneficial to the individual . Women to be productive both to the family economy will help increase self-confidence . In the development of our country and development has an important role in being a manufacturer of women
We are both protective of continuing our work on the family as well as training to complete their training our unfinished woman, a professional , I welcome your support in buradayız.b project to become a business owner , \"he he said. Photo performed refreshments served after the program ended .


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