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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:46

Education for the children leave, Had Tuzcu

Education for the children leave, Had Tuzcu
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Leaving teaching because of his son's illness and salts used in the health field through the child find healing Şeflek Scion , now started to sell salt for good health.

Elazığ news:
10 years at various schools in Elazig geography and English teacher that 36-year-old mother of one son of Scion Şeflek Emre left the profession because of the intense allergic disorders at age 1.5 . 3 mothers engaged in research for the treatment of his son Şeflek throughout the year , thanks to an improvement in the Himalayan salt were kids. See the impact of their children's use in the treatment of the Himalayan salt Şeflek , whereupon began selling the salt products for health in Elazığ. 10 years as a teacher do that expresses Şeflek , \"My son is due to the intense allergic problems up to 3 years of having to break my job kaldım.tuz salt to allergen within the cave , was said to be good for asthmatics site. I used I deepen my research products in my son's illness , I used my home. Currently my son 7 survived the years , thank goodness health problems. Bente by the sight of feasibility studies is useful products , this work is in Elazığ I decided to do professionally , \"he said .
OXYGEN AND WATER oF STONE to CELL a Photo 2 years ago Şeflek that have established businesses , \"our starting point the Himalayan salts was organic salts. salt has a very important factor and everywhere. our country is in line with the formation of age as of the salt bed. But how much is a mineral in the important salt thereof, and up to what you is that conserved . determined by the researchers of the energy dimension in the world that Himalayan salt is the highest salt . There are 84 elements in one of the salt and keep all of the minaret inside the human organism. The molecular diameter is smaller than the molecular diameter of the cell and the cell is said single salt . And water passes through the cells carry oxygen to the cells. Converts it into energy in Aqaba , and performs event called osmosis , \"he said .
SALT LAMPS RADIATION NO PROGRESS Referring to the importance for human health
Salt Şeflek , \"toxic substances away from the body, high blood pressure patients If salt is room could use Himalayan salt . These salts are ground in the mill , the crystal form may also be used . Salts, eliminates toxins from the body. As well as edible salts bath salts, salts's lamps. Salt lamps in air, dust, pollen, germs , bacteria, cigarette smoke and radiation. Useful ion emits ions that destroys the environment for the body and damage to the body . In particular, asthma, allergies, nerves , stress and depression patients is good , \"he said.


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