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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:59

Education Discussed in PAU

Education Discussed in PAU
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Pamukkale University (PAU) organized by the Institute of Education Sciences \"Teacher Training and Educational Technology \"conference was held at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Education Aksel Engine .

Denizli news:
faculty and students showed great interest in the conference , United Assoc devletlerith Ohio State University . Dr. Belinda G. GIMBERT and Assoc. Dr. Participated as a speaker , Dean Cristol . Pamukkale University, delivered the opening speech at the conference of the Institute of Education Sciences Director Prof. Dr. Ramadan Baştürk , the conference of the Institute of Educational Sciences is the first event organized by and speakers said that it came from The Ohio State University, the school he graduated from , both the speaker and thanked all the participants .
The Ohio State University, Education and Human Department of Ecology , Faculty of Educational Studies , Department of Educational Administration Assoc . Dr. Belinda G. GIMBERT conference , \"Preschool-Grade 12 teachers in the United States Business Situation of Power:Recruitment and Retention \"and gave a speech .
Assoc. Dr. GIMBERT , the traditional teacher training system put into practice at the university told graduated as an alternative to the adult-oriented teacher education system as they walked . Statistical data related to the needs of teachers share Assoc . Dr. GIMBERT , the result of a survey conducted on a national scale of adults living in the United States , mainly the views of the teacher training system rigorous entry requirements, application area, national certification for teachers and that attention should be paid to teacher evaluation.
The Ohio State University Education and Human Ecology Faculty, Teaching and Learning Department, the Department of Educational Technology Assoc . Dr. The Dean Cristol \"Mobile Learning and Teacher Education Pre-School Grade 12 United States Schools\"and gave a speech . Smart phones that mobile devices such as now everyone uses and Cristol , indicating that these devices have become an element essential to life, he did it in 9-10-year-olds said they saw that these devices are many purposes to use the visit to the school . After seeing that he had changed his point of view , therefore, stated that Prof. focus on how mobile learning can be integrated into the training . Dr. Cristol said he supported the use of such devices as a means of teaching .


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