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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 16:08

Diabetes Day Message from the President of nature

Diabetes Day Message from the President of nature
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İzmit Mayor Dr.

Kocaeli news: Nevzat Dogan, therefore, issued a message of World Diabetes Day .
President Dogan message around the world for hundreds of thousands of diabetics November 14 stated that at least until the immateriality of their birthdays. November 14, who in 1921's insulin Frederick Banting was born the day , and therefore nature message stating that the day she came back to life in patients with diabetes said:\"Diabetes is one of the major health problems in our country as well as the whole world. Diabetes is diagnosed when the number of patients with each passing is increasing . increasing obesity, genetic factors, disease day to trigger passes and disease incidence is increasing. even when age Looking at the average every day of the downward stroke of the age at which the disorder is frightening. Diabetes is not an end but a disease that forces us to change our way of life . \"< br/> \"in the treatment of diabetes in order to provide blood glucose control to prevent the blood sugar rise in other words, and the blood sugar falls. implementation in daily life primarily of information obtained as the training of diabetes in diabetes treatment and continuity is important. the feeding the basis of the treatment of diabetes is stable and continuous and regular and done right forms of exercise. Changing habits is important for the success of the treatment. Diabetes ( diabetes) seen signs of our citizens to begin the necessary treatment consult the nearest health facility contributes significantly to the quality of life. They hold back to life in patients with diabetes , the day they were born again , I wish healing to all people with diabetes . \"

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