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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:34

Derya to Samsat'ta Stadium Mud Returns

Derya to Samsat'ta Stadium Mud Returns
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The stadium district and rains in the district of Adiyaman Samsat'ta with sea turns to mud .

Adıyaman news:
Samsat'ta Municipal Sports Club President Halil Euphrates , they have a very modern and nice stadium , but the looting of rain stating become not be used in the stadium, asked the authorities to issue a hand throw .
changing the room the heater no table to sit seats short of that , the opposing team is room in the curtain, Halil President explaining that it is not railing in glass Euphrates , dressing and referee stated that danger is the absence of a fence in the room .
Adiyaman 1 amateur they are fighting in group B , and last year a good performance Fırat stated that they exhibit , \"We want to channel the sports our youth. in moral framework , we've adopted the motto of doing the gentlemanly sport. Samsat'ta youth is very prone to football. it got a beautiful stadium , but do not benefit sufficiently from the beauty due to some deficiencies. our room referee and locker doors , although new when they closed the swelling. around and the connection with the arbitration field and locker room is filled with water and mud when it rains . Game , the referees and other officials are being victimized. Landscaping to be done in this area , \"he said .

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