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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:39

Deputy Minister Ceylan in Burdur

Deputy Minister Ceylan in Burdur
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Development Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan, said during a visit to Burdur , contributed significantly to the development of the city's Mehmet Akif Ersoy University , he said .

Burdur news: Photo Development Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan, organized by TOSYÖV \"Development Policies in the Middle Income Trap Rescue of SMEs \"came to Burdur to participate in the panel . Ceylan, first visited his office as Governor Hasan Fur Burdur visit . Governor Ceylan met Fur and protocol . After signing the governorship honor book Ceylan chatting with Governor Furry , military service period by saying that he reward soldiers economics course Burdick , said he remembers the old days. Photo Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAK ) for which in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry in domestic vaccine Cell Culture laboratory was created for the production Ceylan made ​​the opening , received information about the laboratory of instructor. Ceylan, \"We are here because TOSYÖV a program. We are proud too of our university actually . Labor thank you to everyone . I really pride of a university was . University is Veterinary Medicine One of the most important faculties . Take care of that give significant support we are opening a laboratory service. Laboratory calf mortality and carries a laboratory qualifications aimed at the domestic vaccine production . I congratulate the teacher . vaccine production is extremely important . Imported vaccines does not fit our domestic animals. in this respect indigenous vaccine is extremely important . cell production in the laboratory center, perhaps our country first that feature bears , \"he said .
Development Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan, organized by TOSYÖV finally covered Burdur program \"Development Policies in the Middle Income Trap Rescue of SMEs \"participated in the panel . Experts are Burki teaching period Ceylan describing the memories , \"State Planning'd come every three months a young expert who here many years ago in the Corps . We give currency value of the soldiers to Turkey economic conferences . I know the Burdur and I was reminded again of those days . In those days, Burdur economy exchange depended much on the value of the soldiers come, but I see now no longer stuck it behind , the university came to the fore. university sector improved. 22 thousand students and teachers is not the only potential students in Burdur progress and development was an important dynamic , \"he said . Photo Ceylan, after greeting the TOSYÖV the work of \"Turkey's Economic Development \"on the speeches .

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