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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:29

Configure your Debt, Streamline Your Life

Configure your Debt, Streamline Your Life
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Adana Social Security Provincial Directorate of Seyhan Social Security Central Manager Dilek Akin, said New Bag law with great ease brought about the restructuring of the Social Security debt , law told me to do the coming changes and taxpayers together.

Adana news: Photo Akin , said in a statement , Adana Social Security Provincial Directorate of Seyhan Social Security Central Directorate of the Seyhan district of employer contributions of employers , registered office, e-statement , General Health Insurance , short-term insurance operations and the center of all the provinces of the employer enforcement operations directorate stating that done , \"the public , as is well known to anyone with interests bag 6552 No labor law from the law , some laws and by laws that will take some of the restructuring of the amendment in the decrees of our institutions in the arrangements made in the social security context of the restructured delay penalties debt and was re-arrangement of administrative fines \"he said.
the configuration which period and which premiums are clarifying in the matters covered by Akin,\"this context is on in April of 2014 and previous months , which is unpaid , although it accrued on 10th September 2014 and prior , insurance premiums , unemployment insurance premiums, General Health Insurance Premiums covers . April 30, 2014 until the date of construction in the finished special character missing on the tender subject works workmanship amount of insurance premium calculated over the administrative fines imposed by verbs because they have committed on April 30, 2014 and before re-evaluated under the bag law , \"he said .
\"advance on the scope or configuration 6, 9 , 12, to 18 months in case two installments ( up to 36 months ) payment facility was introduced. Additionally, December 31, 2014 until the date although it has been notified unpaid or will be canceled 50 percent of its original debt of underpaid , which include entering an administrative penalty , \"said Dilek Akin said ;
\"Insurance premiums related to the configuration scope of debt hung with for the period until the date of September 10, 2014 from the end of the payment period for these loans Yi-PPI (Domestic producer Price Index ) upon payment of the amount to be calculated based on the monthly exchange rate, penalty, applied to this debt and will be waived for overdue interest debt. So far, employers OUR found in applications over the Internet 2900 of them by 3715 to obtain and mail and concluded Configuring in 3145 of them. Quantitative information about the debts of Photo Employers also that Ali, spoke as follows:\"In this context, our employees and the 31/08/2014 date office with our 724 401 .660 TL has debts. 193 831 270 TL much amount has been taken to the configuration scope. our objective is to facilitate them in their lives employers of our taking the configuration scope for all debts both to increase premium collection by providing their assessment of this great opportunity passing into the hands of our clients . We work with our this consciousness all the effort . We citizens we expect them to come , we have established our front desk to facilitate operations. we want the same sensitivity to our citizens to refer for a moment to our Department without the last day before by waiting. in our emerging universal health insurance , such as bonuses without concern bag laws of fellow citizens to contact our Office as soon as possible by not miss this opportunity really is a great opportunity for them. \"Photo Heads for most blends the income test one of the questions is Akin's comments as follows:\"the people who apply at all to the income test to apply to the income test until March 31, 2015 in case of contact with our in Office until April 30, 2015 will be a general health insurance liabilities according to the income test will be updated starting from the date of registration . Being built by the income test on 10th September 2014 and before with income levels of those who have been identified as less than the minimum wage twice , this universal health insurance before fixing premiums in the amount found by the income test on unpaid time will be updated universal health insurance liabilities based . 2752 people have made application until we have Office 2127 today and concluded that \". As regards the Photo Akin this issue , \"especially on this subject I would like to emphasize. 90 886 people were registered in our province is made ex officio . These 4/a , 4/b , 4/This valve works from or non-01.01.2012 c coverage are persons who interrupted especially those people we want to come at once , \"he said . Noting that no extension on the Photo application period Akin,\"Current currently it is not something that question. As when there is already quite a while . General health insurance gave little as 7 months. In primary recourse debt was given 3 months time , \"he said . Akin and be charged on the figures , said:Photo \"across the island we have 30 thousand active work file. Because of this we get a primer from our Adana 724 401 664 , £ 00 . in our future we have to configure this gets covered up in the collection tray 3,029,232.00 193,831,270.00 TL and TL related we have . Therefore, our execution file opened 176,000 thousand had been followed . They are doing so in the context of follow-up and configuration \", please refer to the bride ,\"he're doing a phone interview in our citizen. Accountants in the room as the Provincial Directorate of Industry in the chamber , studies carried out in the districts in the non-governmental organizations and centers. But we Seyhan Central Directorate as we are looking for our citizens individually , we are sending with the notification and we accept their application . \"Photo Akin , how it is and deadlines for payment in installments is that on the last part of his speech he explained as follows:Photo \"Bag Act 6552 Law No. was considered to be within the scope of the restructuring of debt as of Sept. and 11 came into force. As of October 1, the start of the application of the employer. Here, insurance premiums , unemployment contributions, social security support premium , universal health insurance contributions, voluntary contributions and the institution charged to some special transaction tax , stamp tax , debt as a contribution to education was taken to configure the scope of this bag design. We are dedicating in installments within the scope of these laws. For employers in the form of an installment was made ​​on installment 6-9-12-18 bag design with 2-month intervals . We also have advance payment. Advance payment is not received on time delay , we structure their debt in installments also defer interest payments . Application began October 1 . We take the applications until December 31 , 2014. In this context, the application for the GSS ( General Health Insurance ) configuration applications in the direction of the employer exercised until April 30 began October 1 and continues until December 31 , 2014. General health a concern of all our citizens. Universal health insurance in the same way we get the application started her on the 1st of October until April 30, 2015, respectively. As there is a case for public health insurance in this context, the general health insurance until 31 March 2015 was taking no income test will make stuttering test. This law concerns directly to the universal health insurance as a form of all our citizens and their interests in absolutely every way I need to apply to our central office. \"


Configure your Debt, Streamline Your Life" comments for.


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