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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:24

Collection of water that can be made from the PTT

Collection of water that can be made from the PTT
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According to the agreement between the Municipality of Kastamonu Kastamonu and Branch Post Office , then that can be made water collection PTT branches.

Kastamonu news: Photo PTT Kastamonu Branch Manager Aysel Varlıke is , Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin father visited . The Varlıke mentions work undertaken by the institution during the visit , asked for support about the work of the Municipality of Kastamonu in this context. Expressing satisfaction with the Photo Visit Kastamonu Mayor is Tahsin father , found PTT Kastamonu Branch Manager Aysel Varlıker PTT water collection from branches in demand can be made. This request is Varlıke Welcoming the President signed the protocol on water collection , in order from the post office branch with her father. Photo also the Chairman of Varlıker talks with his father , one of the revenue service office in municipal service buildings was decided to do the PTT office . The newly opened gişeyl to citizens, PTT could perform all operations from Post Office branches in city hall can do the Branch . Photo PTT Kastamonu Branch Manager stating that the talks with Aysel Varlıke citizens of LiH new very positive now Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin father , \"As you know, last week the university in kampuü , post Office branch was opened. with PTT conversation I was doing there , we gave the signal we will be in cooperation . we have started to work without delay and we are opening soon at the box office post office in the municipality . Thus, our citizens will be able to PTT booth in our municipality entire process , including sending and receiving cargo. in addition, our citizens will be able to perform water collection as the post Office branch \"he said. the highlight is to serve the citizens of Photo Objective father , \"we went into such an agreement ways to make the process easier our citizens . what we can towards the public as the continuous cooperation with PTT and other institutions are trying to do is coming . We have to thank our Director of PTT Aysel Varlıker which support and help in this regard , \"he said .
Father then President , was presented a plaque Varlıker .

Collection of water that can be made from the PTT" comments for.


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