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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 12:51

Childhood Oral and Dental Health

Childhood Oral and Dental Health
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Dr. Maxillofacial Surgeons

Samsun news: Dt. Vildan Butcher, children often rastlanabilen pencil biting , thumb sucking , lip biting, nail biting, teeth grinding and lip sucking bad habits such as oral and dental structure deterioration , tooth crowding and cause corrosion , he said .
Medical Park Samsun Hospital, Oral Dental Health clinic and the Dt. Vildan Butcher'oral and dental health in childhood \"briefed . Dt. Vildan Butcher, \"school age with the mouth first permanent teeth of the first molars are seen. The same age during the milk teeth slowly swaying in place permanent teeth leave to begin . First, the upper and lower front area of the milk teeth be expected to change . Deciduous teeth during change from below permanent teeth, tongue or lips by a curve in a way to start coming and in the meantime the milk teeth yet does not fall into that parents may worry . However, this view'mixed dentition called'for this period is normal. Whole milk teeth changes and permanent teeth into place until the 10-12 age continues until . milk teeth permanent teeth until the time as a healthy mouth is important to keep . because prematurely withdrawn milk teeth in children with speech , nutrition, aesthetic problems with the teeth crowding causes , \"he said .
Dt. Vildan Butcher gave the following information:\"The school-age period, different flavors used in children between-meal snacking style eating habits develop. Tooth decay in terms of the sweet sticky food meals consumed immediately after the then brushing teeth Failure to tooth decay is caused. Moreover, all the days of school in children undergoing after meals effective tooth brushing is not common gum disease are seen. teeth and gum disease , infection in the body focus of constituting the body, all systems had a negative impact and continuous infection focus could be converted , indicating tooth decay , sinusitis , tonsillitis , rheumatism , osteoporosis , diabetes (diabetes mellitus ) , respiratory and heart disease and digestive problems leads . this child's success in school and social life are adversely affected. \"
school children in the most common problems of one of the who is dental trauma Dt. Butcher, \"Crash or accident teeth from the blows tooth fractures or infection causes . Treatment emergency response success influenced the most important factor. Therefore without delay to a dentist should be consulted . Children are often rastlanabilen pencil biting , thumb sucking , lip biting, nail biting, teeth grinding and lip sucking habits like mouth and teeth structure deterioration , tooth crowding and wear is caused. these habits at an early age to prevent damage, the prevention is of great importance . dentist these habits help filter various appliances are able to , \"he said . < br/> Dt. Vildan Butcher said:\"Pre-school and school-age children in the diet of sugary , sticky chocolate like or acidic foods and drinks as possible to the reduction should be considered. However, these foods completely restricted unable main meal immediately after delivery and then brushing teeth is important. Snack on a more many eggs, meat, cheese, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables , such as consumption of food is appropriate. every call after feeding brushing teeth is ideal . this topic your child's Kresla or caregivers talking with brushing care can seek . However , if brushing no possibility at least rinse your child's mouth and chewing sugar-free gum can preach . \"
in CANTEEN sales of products like cheese and fruit
Dt. Vildan Butcher statement was completed as follows:\"In schools, canteens formation of caries affect cheese , fruit as well as the sale of products to encourage , sugary , starchy foods and drinks often use prevention , in-class oral health and development be educated about good oral hygiene for brushing education, fluoride applications ( mouthwash programs) , interest and training in the use of dental floss your teeth and gum health , helps to protect . \"

Childhood Oral and Dental Health" comments for.


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